Education and Professional Experience to Date Application Essay

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¶ … education and professional experience to date have provided me with a well-rounded background in interpersonal communications and business practices; however, it has become increasingly apparent to me that I need to continue to improve my cross-cultural awareness and develop better communications skills to succeed in the dynamic environment today and in the future. The program of instruction offered at your university offers an innovative and interdisciplinary program that particularly appeals to me for this purpose, since there is a distinct focus on the relationship between media and politics and what part each plays in bringing communications to the general public. In this regard, the PhD program in mass communications provided by your curriculum will provide me with the additional education and experience needed to improve my communications expertise.

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The faculty and academic cohorts will also provide me with valuable real-world concepts and experiences in the strategic management of mass communications problems, improve my ability to conduct social science research, as well as my ability to effectively communicate the results of my research. These are all increasingly important skills in today's globalized marketplace, and the need for them continues to grow in virtually every industry today. As noted above, my education and professional experience to date has provided me with a particularly well-suited background for this program of instruction. For example, as you will note from the enclosed resume, I secured my bachelor of arts degree in Foreign Trading from Beijing University in 1997, and my master's degree in mass communication from Laurentian University in 2004.

Application Essay on Education and Professional Experience to Date Have Assignment

My employment has included positions that required extensive cross-cultural communications, including workshops, seminars and other presentations… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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