Education and Racism Term Paper

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Racism in the classroom can result in poor student achievement, sense of self-worth, and result in needless misunderstandings and confusion in an environment that should be safe and encouraging above all else.

Though there is not one method that has been identified and agreed upon for overcoming racism in the classroom, most researchers and educators are starting to acknowledge the important of acquiring multicultural competencies to combat racism. This involves evaluating ones personal biases and values in order to better relate to people that are ethnically and culturally diverse.

The only way that racism can be beat in schools is through educational programs that foster diversity and encourage understanding in a warm and embracing environment. This includes programs that encourage multicultural competence and communication among staff, teachers and students alike. Students and educators must work together to understand and meet the needs of diverse students, parents and staff. Doing so will result in a more cohesive and accomplished student body, and will decrease the likelihood that racism remains at the forefront of subjects with regard to education. The fight to end racism hasn't yet ended, in fact it has only just begun.


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Donaldson, K.B. (1996). Through students' eyes: Combating racism in United States schools. Westport: Praeger.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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