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The teacher in this case has a valid grievance, because the performance evaluation process has a strong bearing on the teacher's tenure. Furthermore, a culture of caring begins at the managerial level in public schools (Collins, 2003). Teachers need to feel empowered and supported by their evaluators, not threatened. Therefore, the superintendent is in the position of intervening in this case with the end result goal of improving organizational culture and climate. It is believed that transformations in the school culture and climate will have a positive impact on student outcomes as well (Collins, 2003).

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Performance evaluations of teachers often follow strict and rigid procedures, such as those outlined in the Jackson Public School District's Teacher Performance Evaluation (n.d.) guide. Transparency regarding the evaluation process helps teachers like the one in this case to file grievances. The teacher is following some of the basic conflict resolution strategies, beginning with opening clear channels of communication. Organizational conflict often arises when the needs of an individual, like this teacher, conflicts with the needs of the organization as a whole (Genc? & Hamedog-lu, 2012). The teacher's needs in this case were being overrun by the needs of the evaluators to conduct a hasty, but halfhearted, evaluation. Because principals are under tremendous pressure to deliver performance evaluations in order to secure funding for their schools under federal laws like No Child Left Behind. The teacher in this case is likely cognizant of the pressures placed on principals and administrators, and knows that the haste and incompleteness with which the evaluation was conducted were serving the needs of management and only politically expedient. The evaluation was likely not conducted earnestly, with the best interests of teacher or students in mind.

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Regardless of whether the teacher's performance met the criteria outlined in this particular district, there is a need for information transparency and communication. Now that the grievance has been filed,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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