Education and Sociology Essay

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These changes will take place based upon new information that is presented, the opinions of others (such as: a boss or colleague) and the situations they are dealing with. It is at this point when these challenges can lead to dramatic transformations, which are resulting in a continuing reevaluation of social beliefs. (Kendal)

Clearly, education plays a central role in determining social attitudes and insights. From an early age, the experiences and concepts will provide the individual with a sense of who they are and how to interact with the world around them. As time goes by, these views will change based upon new ideas that are presented from other educators and the way they interact with different social groups.

What Kendal determined, is that teachers will play a central role in the process by showing the individual how to connect with others and the most acceptable practices. This means that in the future, they will use the skills they learn to deal with various social situations and establish relationships with others based upon these insights. When this happens, their attitudes and beliefs will be continually shaped because of these ideas and how they apply to the individual. This is the point they will engage in different practices during the process of interacting with others.

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TOPIC: Essay on Education and Sociology Over the Assignment

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