Education: Teaching Math to Students With Disabilities Term Paper

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Student Websites

There also are a number of websites that are specifically geared towards assisting students with or without disabilities at all grades deal with math topics that they do not understand. Five of these have been outlined below.

i) The Alberta Government Website:

This site provides registered users with easily understandable resources/reading materials and assessment questions on lesson topics of their choice. A new user has to register for an account, in which they provide information on, among other things, their grade. Once the account has been created, the user logs in and selects a lesson topic from study skills, current events, geography, math, or reading. The site then avails relevant books and simplified reading materials on the requested topic, and a set of accompanying assessment questions.

ii) The NCTM site:

This online resource provides a number of interactive applets that make it possible for students to learn through practice. The applets range from operations and numbers, to profitability & data analysis as well as measurement, geometry, and algebra. The site avails simplified resources and gauges the students' understanding by getting them to take part in interactive math games and quizzes.


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This online resource avails games, practice, and online tutorials on math concepts at all grades (Oldham County Schools 2 of 3). Subjects offered include calculus, statistics, trigonometry, geometry, algebra, pre-algebra, everyday math, as well as basic math. By way of an online tutorial, students receive assistance on their homework, and are administered with study and test preparation tips, references, as well as formulas and tables.


TOPIC: Term Paper on Education: Teaching Math to Students With Disabilities Assignment

This resourceful website offers online tutorials on any lesson topic in the areas of Art & Music, Health, Technology and Engineering, Math, English, as well as Social Sciences. Lessons in math include Algebra, Geometry & Measurement, Probability, Data Analysis, Numbers & Operations, and Ration, Proportion & Percentage. The site provides a printable assessment at the end of the tutorial, through which students can gauge their understanding (Oldham County Schools 2 of 3).

v) The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) website:

This site provides a wide array of virtual interactive manipulatives in the realm of Probability & Data Analysis, Measurement & Geometry, Algebra, and Numbers and Operations. It targets students from all grades. The manipulatives present, among other things, formulas, real-life illustrations, and simplified techniques of tackling complex mathematical problems.

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