Education VARK Learning Styles Essay

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Multimodal learners may manifest in two types. Type 1 is where the learner is flexible and is best finding the most suited learning style for the type of learning taking place (Fleming, 2012). For example learning law may be best suited to the read/write style, whereas learning how to make a cake or to repair a car may be best achieved with a kinesthetic approach. The type 2 learner has a different approach; they benefit the most from gaining input in each of the different styles. This may be a longer process but can lead to a greater breadth of understanding (Fleming, 2012).

For a student that has a multimodal style (type 1 or 2) it is possible to review the preferred strategies and consider how they may be improved. For a multimodal student where there is an equal spread of the different learning styles one may expect to see different inputs. Where this is not the case there may be room for improvement. Where a student is multimodal and prefers using the read/write strategy they may be limiting their own development. The read/write strategy is one that is found in collages and school, it is easy to use and the teaching style and general setting in academia is particularly suited to this style. If a student wants to undertake research on their own the sources are likely to be in the written format, either in books and articles, or on the internet. The use of read/write strategies as the dominant approach is likely to facilitate the attainment of many learning goals; it will allow the student to locate and gather information and create the notes and assignments needed.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Education VARK Learning Styles and Assignment

However, using only the one style may also be limiting and devolving a more comprehensive strategy may increase depth and breadth of learning (Jarmon, 2011). The multimodal strategy should embrace the different ways that a student can learn. For example, rather than simply rereading notes made in class there may be some benefit to reading tem aloud and putting them into an audio file to listen to later, a tool that may allow learning to take place whole doing other practical tasks. Technical learning may benefit from the drawing and use of diagrams, which may include the use of mind maps as well as technical drawings. The main change needed for a multimodal learner is to assess the type of learning that they are undertaking and then decide which learning method would be the most appropriate for the type of information being processed.

Therefore, while many different students may prefer differing styles, favoring input from either visual, auditory, written words or kinesthetic sources, the multimodal learning has a greater degree of flexibility, especially if they are the flexible type 1. However, to maximize their learning those with this learning style may be advised to consider the choices they make to enhance the learning with the most appropriate input style for the subject or topic being studied choosing from their selection of dominant input sources.


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