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[. . .] The parents or family do not give support to the students hence they lack motivation. They thrive in the farming, industrial and other service sectors leaving their children with the televisions and video games as the babysitters without development. Their poor background also holds them at home due to lack of the costs that come with education. Most immigrants are not able to cope with the urban fast life and so they are in the rural areas where education has not been fully implemented. The schools are far and sometimes they lack transport due to the poor infrastructure (Ullman 4).

Alcohol and drugs is a problem among the poor because this is how they pass time. These children from the addicted families are exposed to these drugs at an early age hence they can not read. Some of them have to labor in order to take care of the siblings. With the immigrants' influx, eventually the developed world will be lagging behind because of these immigrants.

Linguistic and social discrimination is a big problem for these immigrants. As earlier mentioned they have to learn a second language, which is mostly offered by private institutions. The immigrants might not be able to pay for and even for the ones who can afford; the social discrimination makes it tough for them. Learning a second language can easily be attained in the social circles like playfields and other social gatherings (Griswold 160).

Single parenting is also a problem with these immigrants. Research shows that most families have a single parent and it becomes hard for him/her to educate his children. Due to these stresses, the parents become alcoholics and drug addicts leaving them homeless in the street. These children will not go to learn and some of them will start begging in the streets for food or even stealing for cash.

Without education, the government is bound to lose in many ways. The rate at which immigration is taking place is alarming and this means less skills hence less income. The government has to intervene. It would be difficult for them to stop immigration but it can offer better education to these communities. The schools should be specially trained to accept the immigrants without discrimination. Then learning of the second language, which is English, should be available to all. It is noted that most of these institutions are in the urban areas and so the government should decentralize them to the rural regions too. These students should be tested by their skills and not academic because life is not all about academics. Considering their background, they should not be rated with the other children because they could be slower by virtue of the language barrier or even the psychological pressure from the society. The teachers should have personalized teaching system, which would take them at their own speed.

Poverty is another reason of dropping out. The government should set aside some special funds for the immigrants' education. Loans should also be available to them in order for them to complete college level. The law should continue being tough on child labor so that the parents who false their children to work instead of going to school can be imprisoned. Politics has intervened in the immigration crisis and have contributed to funds being unavailable for lingual learning. This should be discouraged and the immigrants should have the full rights like any other citizens. This way education will be good for all and the government's economy will thrive.


Education with the immigrants has not been a success and the government should intervene in order to show democracy. However, the government should not be fully blamed because a cultural shift should be put in place in order to break this norm. The society cannot also be blamed because to some extent the immigrants have stack to their cultures where education was not important. Most cultures do not value women's education and so you find the girl child remaining at home while the boy is allowed to go to school. Also, being a drop out does not carry as much stigma in the immigrant community. Education is the key to success and should be available to all just like Mike Rose suggests. Immigrants need to learn the English language in order to escape from the poor lifestyles they are living in. They have under performed in schools due to the living conditions. Some have taken to alcohol and drugs due to frustrations. Most of them have been arrested because of the crimes they have committed in their drunkenness, and also as they look for money to survive. Children have been born fatherless and broken homes are increasing by the hour. Unless the government intervenes, the economy might be negatively affected. The influx of immigration is quite high, and Rose feels that they have been neglected and labeled as non-intellectuals. This has given them a superiority complex which has contributed to them failing in school. This is a ripple effect because lack of education means poverty hence crimes. The remedial education should be interceded with the government offering better education to the immigrants. The immigration department should also vet these immigrants to reduce this influx which is now alarming.

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Irizarry, Jason G.; Kleyn, Tatyana. Immigration and Education in… [END OF PREVIEW]

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