Educational Advantages of the Military Research Paper

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Lessening the Educational Disadvantages of Military Culture

The educational culture of the military bears little resemblance to that of popular culture or health culture. Indeed, the military lifestyle is for the most part a Spartan one in which the members undergo a strict regime of physical strength-training. It should also be noted that the military lifestyle is severe to a greater extent than the lifestyle afforded by other cultures. Certainly, military culture is not for everyone, and prospective enlistees should be cognizant of the many advantages and disadvantages associated with military life. This paper provides a brief overview of some of the most pertinent advantages and disadvantages, and concludes with strategies that can be deployed in order to lessen the disadvantages.

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One of the chief advantages of military life is the extreme level of group solidarity that one gains from the military; individuals spend all of their time with a select group of fellow enlistees, and people quickly learn the value of cooperation and the strength in having a strong support group available at all times. Those who struggle with personal motivation or who have never had a supportive influence in their lives are likely to find particular satisfaction in the military lifestyle. It has also been shown that the military lifestyle better prepares people for relationships later in life, particularly with regard to marriage and raising a family (Teachman, 2009). Additionally, military culture places a premium on physical fitness, and enlistees generally find themselves in the excellent physical condition. In this regard, one of the advantages to education in the military is that it is not limited to the classroom or the training ground but also refers to educating oneself on how best to treat their bodies.

Research Paper on Educational Advantages of the Military Assignment

It could be argued that the advantages listed above are also disadvantages of military culture, as the lifestyle of group solidarity clashes strongly with the individualistic ethos promoted by contemporary Western culture. In order to lessen the potential disadvantage of the group ethos, it is important to place a premium on interpersonal relations while at the same time retaining one's own personal values. With regard to the severe physical fitness regimen, enlistees should not view the harsh training lifestyle as a disadvantage but must apply a positive perspective to it, valuing the superior conditioning that they will achieve. One of the most successful ways of lessening the educational disadvantages of military culture is simply to view the same disadvantages from a positive standpoint, appreciating the benefits of the group dynamic and physical strength.

In addition to the physical benefits of the military, another benefit of the lifestyle is the technological acumen that enlistees acquire. Those who have an interest in technology are especially well-positioned to thrive in the military… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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