Educational Leadership Book Review

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"True leadership is even more complex" in the education field (Williams-Boyd, 2002, p. 4). Teacher expertise (what teachers are able to accomplish) is the most dramatic aspect as far as student performance is concerned, Williams-Boyd explains; but teachers can't really be leaders unless "they have a voice in the direct work of the school" (28). That means that for teachers to be leaders in the truest sense of the word they must be in on the school's "…goal setting, personnel hiring, environmental decision-making, and instructional operation" -- this is referred to as "shared governance" and every alert and competent administrator understands the importance of shared governance in terms of teachers being able to fulfill their mission.

Williams-Boyd shares ideas as to how schools can assure that teachers fulfill their potential as leaders. Offering them the following roles enhances their leadership skills and helps the school in powerful ways; teachers could: a) be appointed to school improvement teams (SITs); b) chair the leadership council at the school; c) be placed on the district "textbook selection committed"; d) mentor new teachers; e) be faculty representatives on the PTA; f) staff developers (by taking graduate classes and attending workshops, teachers could better lead in professional development for all teachers); f) become conference speakers; g) be used as "curriculum specialists"; and h) "sit on local state, and national association boards" as policy participants to help establish policy for the teaching profession per se (Williams-Boyd, 29-30).

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In conclusion, there are many ways that teachers can become effective leaders, including learning to de-fuse conflicts in the classroom and elsewhere, becoming actively involved in school-related decision-making issues and being appointed to important boards and organizations that influence what is taught in schools.

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Book Review on Educational Leadership a Leader in Assignment

Williams-Boyd, Pat. (2002). Educational… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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