Essay: Educational Leadership Platform

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Educational Leadership

Educational Platform

The effective and successful leadership in the educational setting is leadership marked indelibly by several primary factors. These factors summarily include that the leadership is of good character and someone who can motivate others and that is goal-oriented and meticulously organized. A good character is not optional because this is the very basis upon which the leadership role in education is able to motivate, lead, and forge the path of best practice in an ethical environment. Good character is a pre-requisite for trust and for respect and these are guarded possessions of the effective and successful leadership in the educational setting. When an individual is respected and vested with trust that individual is very easily able to motivate followers and collaborators because their opinion is valued and if not always understood backed up by those who place their trust in the hands of this type of leader. Organization in this role makes a requirement of functionality on several important levels the first of these is 'self' followed by organization of staff, other school workers, parents, students, other caregivers and family members, other interactional and collaborative organizations, agencies and institutions in invariably the world-at-large. Goal-orientation is another primary factor because without an orientation or focus upon the goals which are set as being the highest achievement then substitute goals and alternate agendas will rule over efforts, expenditures and initiatives in the educational setting. Leadership in education is quite similar to the Captain at the Wheel guiding forth toward the light on the shore that leads into the halls of learning in a solid and sound environment that is fertile for effective and innovative instruction and learning in the school classrooms. This is an… [END OF PREVIEW]

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