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The teacher cannot always follow student conversations that are held in pig latin, so I translate for her.

13. After the consultation process, special assistance may be needed.

Record 2 examples of what special assistance might be provided and what this would depend on.

Special assistance may be needed after consultation to assure that the information reviewed has sunk in and is being adhered to. New concepts brought up during consultation may still be foreign and unnatural and may require reiteration.

14. Why is integration and participation promoted and encouraged in classroom activities?

Students who participate in the learning process learn better than those who do not play an active role in the educational process. Students who are interested in the material are more likely to remember it. When students are an active part of the lesson rather than a passive one, studies have shown learning is more effective.

It is often required that communication techniques/strategies are followes up with further directions. For example: The teacher/Aide uses verbal communication to explain a task to the students. this technique can be followed up by encouraging students to work in small groups with written instructions in front of them. Using a table, insert 4 techniques/strategies and accompanying directions that you have observed and/or used.

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1-Students are instructed to each write a short story using today's vocabulary words.... The students are given a lined piece of paper on which to write the story which has the list of vocabulary words and some writing tips.

2-Students are given a history lesson on specific historical leaders.... Information sheets about various leaders are passed out randomly to students and those with the same leaders form into groups to prepare an oral presentation on the person.

3-Students bring in objects for show and tell and give an oral presentation about the object....Then, each student must chose one of their classmate's oral presentations to write a short report on.

Term Paper on Educational Situations List 4 Examples Assignment

4-Students turn in essays about the topic of their choice. The essays are then redistributed to other students for critique and review.

15. Make brief notes to explain your understanding of the overall programme of how language development is encouraged and planned for in your classroom.Use these topics as guidelines and add others if you feel they are appropriate.

Programme specifications (what is the programme aiming to do?) and what opportunities are provided to stimulate students' language development?

The programme is aiming to give students an understanding of the functionality and theory of language, as well as developing their reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension of language skills. Students are given a wide range of language activities to participate in, and they are encouraged to be active in the language learning process.

Appropriate modeling

The teacher and teacher aides utilize effective communication styles and proper language techniques. The teachers can be observed by students to take an active interest in reading and writing and comprehension of language. The teachers ask questions and listen carefully to others.

Communication techniques/strategies

Students are taught to listen effectively and how to make it known to others that they are listening. Students practice communicating through verbal and nonverbal means, as well as through other means such as writing letters.

Programme/school guidelines

Guidelines include respecting the communication styles of the students and providing them with positive reinforcement and support as they develop their language skills.

16. Make brief notes on your interactions with the children and experiences, with your interacting with students to demonstrate the different functions of language


We develop listening skills in the class by utilizing a "talking stick" to help prevent people from interrupting, and by having students and the teachers repeat back what has been said to make sure they were listening carefully.


The class takes observation notes to learn more about interpreting events. We have utilized a video series that encourages good observation skills.


We practice the art of conversation in class by working with role playing and learning conversation manners.


Students are always encouraged to question. No question is treated as a stupid or superfluous one, and teachers question the students as well to show genuine interest.

17. Make Brief notes on you interacting with a student who has specific communication needs.(other than not been able to speek english because they speek other language) How your Teacher encourages the student to participate in the general classroom as much as possible when specialised assistance is unavailable.

One student has a lisp that ranges from barely noticeable to seriously disabling for the student. When the lisp is very bad, he is generally unable to participate in class conversations because he cannot complete any words. However, even when his stutter is too severe for him to speak, he is encouraged to write down questions and comments for someone else to read out loud.

This is all about Comply with Legislation in the Public

Sector Queensland Australia

18. Explain How you can access legislation at your school. Include the DOEM and a school-based policies and procedures that are in our

Queensland schools.

Legislation can be accessed through the administration that can provide information and assistance on any legislative issues.

19. Give two examples of how legislation affects the way in which Queensland schools operates.

Legislative procedures determine many school policies, rules, regulations, and programs and can completely change what is and is not acceptable in the school.

20. How do you check that you have understood a Queensland school-based procedure and that you are applying it correctly?

The Queensland website and printed materials that have been provided have a lot of information on school procedure. Additionally, I can check with experienced workers and my superiors (administration) with any questions or concerns about the application of procedure.

21. What would you do if there appeared to be conflicting legislation?

Give 2 examples of how different pieces of legislation relate to each other e.g OUr school Behaviour Management Plan has been drawn up following the policy Document SM-06 Management of Behaviour in a Supportive

School Environment-School and Discipline.

If there appeared to be conflicting legislation, I would go to experienced school faculty and the administration for clarification on the policies. If there was an actual discrepancy, I would follow procedure for getting the legislation reviewed. Legislation relating to doing things in the child's best interest may be in conflict with that relating to school discipline. Legislation regarding physical contact between teachers and students may be in conflict with policies about communication.

22. Explain briefly how legislation impacts on your conduct and work practices.(remembering you work in a Queensland School)

Legislative decisions must be followed. In circumstances where my natural tendency would be toward one way of doing things, if legislation deems that it be done a different way I must do things according to that policy.

23. LIst ways that you can check that you are acting and working according to Queensland legislation.

1. Check the websites

2. Check the printed materials provided

3. Ask coworkers and other staff members

4. Consult administration or superiors

5. If positive feedback about performance is received

24.List the actions you would take if there was a breach of legislation that you had observed.

First, I would approach the people involved in the breach and ask for clarification about the situation. Then, I would report the incident to the administrative staff for inquiry.

25. How would you report what you belive are inadequate procedures?

I would write up a short report on what procedures I believe are inadequate and why I believe they are inadequate, then I would make suggestions. I would have my report reviewed by peers for suggestions, then present it to the administration.

26. Access the following policies from DOEM:

CM-12 Staff Intranet, Internet and Electronic Mail Usage Policy

HS-17 Child Protection

PLan how you would brief a new Teacher Aide on thses two policies and how they link to other policies. LIst all points and the main points you would include.

First, I would have the new Teacher Aide access the electronic information and encourage the Aide to take notes while reading the information. Then, I would review the information with the Aide. Next, I would ask the Aide "review" questions to ensure that the important points were learned. I would also encourage the Aide to ask me questions to help clarify the information. Finally, we would discuss the information, review notes together, and confirm understanding of the policies.

27. Select any three pieces of legislation that are important in your role as a Teachers' Aide and complete them in a table indicating your practices that are compliant and any that may be non-compliant with the policy. (If you are always fully compliant, list ways which would indicate non-compliance i.e those that you need to gard against).

Dress code - My dress is always professional and adhering to the dress codes, but I have to be careful not to wear my "casual" or "weird" clothes to work even if they… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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