Educational Situations Name Four Practices Term Paper

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She seems to especially have difficulty during timed activities, when there is a short amount of time in which to complete the math problems. The teacher is very supportive when the student manages to score well on the activities, but if she scores below average she does not receive any individualized attention. I believe this student needs to receive help in test-taking skills, learning how to manage time and stay calm during timed skills checks, and also get help learning math basics such as multiplication and addition tables that will make the concepts come together.

17. Identify a behavioral concern in your classroom and identify how the problem is being addressed according to the school's behaviour management plan. Make brief notes about your observation, outlining the process that the school is adopting.

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One student in the classroom is continually falling asleep during class. The first step is to make the student aware that we have noticed the problem. Second, we discuss with the student why he might be falling asleep. Is he not sleeping during the night? Is he feeling ill? Is he simply bored? The student admits that he is not sleeping well at night because his parents are constantly fighting, though he will not explain if they are actually keeping him up at night fighting, or if he cannot sleep because he is concerned about their relationship. The teacher must let the student know that it is all right to talk about these things. The student may be sent to the school counselor for an individual session where all of these concerns can be addressed. Once the school counselor has evaluated the situation, it may be necessary to contact the parents with these concerns, and set up a group counseling session where the student's best interests can be kept in mind.

18. Prepare an item that can be used as a teaching aide, write a brief description of the aide.

Term Paper on Educational Situations Name Four Practices Assignment

Computers can be used as a teaching aide. Because it is highly transportable and durable, as well as highly functional, a Mac iBook Clamshell laptop is an excellent choice for sharing with the class. This laptop runs on Mac OS9, which is highly regarded as an excellent operating system for learning computer basics. This computer can be used not only for preparing written assignments and mathematical calculations, but it can also run many educational games that can help to build important skills. A CD-Rom interactive Encyclopedia used with this computer is a great way for students to learn more about specific topics, and using the computer to access the Internet provides infinite educational opportunities including research, interactive learning, communicating with other classrooms, and preparing webpages as projects.

19. Briefly describe what you do if you were to demonstrate your ability to set up an item of equipment for a class teacher.

The teacher may decide to show a video to the class. I would contact the AV department and obtain the television and VCR according to their instructions. I would ensure that the television and VCR were both plugged in to a surge protector before plugging them into the wall outlet to ensure safety of the equipment. I would properly connect all of the video and audio wires, and put the television on the appropriate auxiliary channel. I would test the setup to make sure that the video would play properly, and also ensure that the video was at the correct place.

20. Brief describe how you would respond to requests from other staff for assistance and how you would handle queries about student learning from parents.

When other staff members would ask me for assistance I would listen carefully to their request. If it is something that I do not feel comfortable doing, I would communicate with them about this, letting them know why I feel uncomfortable. If I do not feel comfortable because I do not think that I am qualified and the staff member still wants me to do my best to complete the task, then I would agree and ask them to assist me in fulfilling the request. If the staff member is requesting assistance with something that is in my job description and I am already trained to do, then I would politely request any additional information from that staff member that would be necessary for providing the assistance.

When parents query about student learning, it is also important to focus on communication skills. Listen carefully to the parent and respond in complete sentences that convey complete thoughts. Remember to be culturally sensitive and speak to the parent with respect, and in a respectful way of the student. If there are specific concerns that need to be discussed in further detail, arranging for a parent/teacher conference may be a good solution.

21. Provide three examples of how we communicate non-verbally

Non-verbal communication can include body language, tone of voice, vocal sounds made without forming words, and the use or lack of physical contact.

22. List three requirements that should be part of all interactions between yourself and children in your care.

All interactions between myself and children in my care should be observed by another person to make sure there is never any question of what may occur between myself and the children in private with no witnesses. Children should always be treated with respect and with their best interest in mind; I should never harm a child physically or emotionally.

23. What is the major benefit that can arise out of collaborating with students regarding their learning needs?

Taking a constructivist approach to education can have great benefits, including students being more interested and excited about the learning process because they are more involved. Collaborating with students prepares them to take part in a democratic society; in the "real world" people must be able to work in groups and have input into original thoughts, not just be able to follow a leader blindly, so an education that is based on these principles will help the children to be functional and successful after school.

24. What is meant by parallel communication?

Parallel communication is when both parties involved in communicating are sending and receiving the information. Both parties speak and listen.

25. List three strategies useful in conducting a Glasser style "Classroom Meeting"

Nonjudgmental attitude, Valuing free discussion, and Dealing with barriers to successful meetings.

26. What do you understand the term "shared wisdom" to mean?

Shared wisdom" is a way of approaching communication and education where everyone is welcome to input their ideas and each person is respected for the knowledge that they can bring to a situation. Different people have knowledge in different areas, and both the teacher and the student can share and learn.

27. What are three limitations that could impact on implementing student's ideas and suggestions?

Student ideas may not be fully respected and taken seriously by the teachers or other students because many people have difficulty in letting go of the preconception that adults are the only ones with valid ideas. Additionally, student ideas may be limited by the funds and equipment that is available to the classroom. Finally, school regulations, as well as regulations passed by the government, may stand in the way of fulfilling the student's vision of an ideal educational setting and activities.

28. Where in your school should you find guidance on child and adult safety issues?

Guidance on child and adult safety issues can be found in many places throughout the school. Safety information can be found in the Nurse's office, especially relating to health and first aid information. The guidance counselor office and other administrative offices also have important resources on safety issues.

29. Provide an example of a child who might be likely to use non-standard language.

Non-standard language may be used by a foreign student who has not yet fully adapted to speaking English. Students with learning or speech disabilities may also speak using non-standard language.

30. What does the term stereotypical mean?

Stereotypical means that an idea is based on generalized assumptions about a certain group of people or kind of thing. These generalized assumptions can be based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social status, or any number of other traits.

31. makes notes giving at least 6 examples of interactions with students over a number of sessions. Explain how you demonstrated an appropriate caring and respectful manner.

1- A girl came to me, crying, because other students were making fun of her. I took her out of the classroom so we could speak without the other students hearing. I gave her a tissue to dry her eyes and spoke with her about what the other students said. I assured her that the things they said about her were not true. She felt much better after we spoke.

2- A boy in the class was not feeling well and put his head down during class. When I woke him up,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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