Educative Goals for an Education Student Essay

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Strategies help us to test methods and use approaches to maximize potential and achieve success, and student achievement is the outcome that in education is always the main goal -- which means it is always there to give focus to the teacher, who should ask, "Is this good for the students?"

A problem related to awareness is that too few students in my estimation have a real sense of what criminal justice is, having been saturated by phony Hollywood interpretations of the system. This is unfortunate because criminal justice is such a big part of what this country is all about, so students just from a civil stand point should be educated on how the system works.

The problem I have faced with teaching strategies is that I feel unfamiliar with good ones and want to deepen my knowledge of how to use teaching strategies to achieve the right kinds of ends. By knowing which strategy works best for specific outcomes, I can be better prepared to afford students the opportunities they need to succeed.

Thus, improving student achievement is my overall aim and the problem that I have found is that this goal is connected with the way we educate. I want to ensure that I am doing everything possible on my end to guarantee that student achievement will be possible.

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Two goals that I hope to accomplish as a result of obtaining my degree are: 1) I want to be a teacher who understands how to strategize in the classroom and use mixed-methods to provide students with what they need, and 2) I want to understand how to relate my subject to other areas so that it can be more effectively made a part of the lives of my students. By obtaining my degree I expect that these two goals will be achieved because they are part of what studying education is all about.

Essay on Educative Goals for an Education Student Assignment

My pursuit of the topics identified above can enable me to become a transformational agent of positive change in the following manners. First, I foresee that I will be able to transform my classroom from a place where passive learning occurs to a place where active learning is promoted and students are more engaged with the curriculum. This will in turn lead to better outcomes. I will need to know how to best measure the outcomes, but I expect that these tools will be supplied me over the course of the degree pursuit. By being solidly formed myself in how to be an expert teacher using educational strategies for a variety of aims, I will be in the best possible position to assist my studies in overcoming their own difficulties. I will be able to show them how the subject relates to their own lives and why it is important that they consider it deeply and understand how it works.

I will also be able to stand as a good example to my students of how to be prepared to face life's challenges and this can be a good way to be a transformational agent as well (Dweck, 2006). I seek to be an inspiration by being a good role model myself and that means always be aware of my surroundings, being aware of what it means to be a good citizen and not just a good teacher, and using the opportunities I have to instill acceptable values into my students and encourage them to be active in their civic duties once they leave the classroom and enter into the world outside the school place environment. In this manner, I seek to embolden and transform them -- by giving them the knowledge they will need to know how the criminal justice system works and how it can work for them should they have a mind to engage more deeply with it.


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