Effect of Gender Race and Religion on Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

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¶ … Gender, Race, and Religion on Same Sex Marriage

Staver, M.D. (2004). Same-sex marriage: Putting every household at risk journal, Vol. 9,

Issue 2, Nashville, Tenn: Broadman & Holman.

According to this article, same sex marriage is one of the controversial topics and engagement in the 21st century. Several studies have focused at the notion behind same sex marriage in the society. Human understanding on marriage is a multifaceted body of knowledge that has attracted numerous studies and research. Many scholars in the world have studied the influence of marriage and components that constitute a good marriage in the society. Most studies reiterate on the influence of several factors on the avenues of marriage. This study endeavors to explore how various human practices and characteristics like gender, race, and religion affect on the issue of the same sex marriage (Staver, 2004).

Corvino, J. (1999). Same sex: Debating the ethics, science, and culture of homosexuality journal. Vol. 5, Issue 1, Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littlefield.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Research Paper on Effect of Gender Race and Religion on Same Sex Marriage Assignment

Same sex marriage is a resend practice that must have innate influences and significance on the existing stabilities between gender, race, and religion and the normality of human life. Initially, same sex marriage was not considered in most traditional societies. The article exclaim that with modernization and changes in many avenues of growth and development within humanity and its traditions, same sex marriage has come out as a controversial practice. Same sex marriage is effectual positively to the existing facets of human understanding. There is a problem with same sex marriage in many societies (Corvino, 1999). This will form the basis of the research. There are diverse reactions to effects of the same sex marriage in the society. In order to arrive at a stable ground where marriage was practiced between members of different sexual orientations, the study will try to get the differential truth. The truth will come between same sex marriage and other existent avenues of development like gender, race, and religion.

The research topic is a controversial issue in the normal society. There are diverse changes in the traditional connotations that map out human understanding of marriage. Because of the controversial aspects that surround marriage, it has become indispensable to consider the effects of the same sex marriage on gender, race, and religion. Furthermore, the study is noteworthy because it will seek to establish the truth between the deferring options between same sex marriage and different-sex marriage.

Literature review


Cantor, D.J. (2006). Same-sex marriage: The legal and psychological evolution in America.

Middletown, CT: Wesleyan Univ. Press.

According to this article, gender is one of the facets that are likely to be influenced by the presence and actions of the same sex marriage. The consequences of the marriage lie on the aspect that there is every possibility of having same sex marriage partners within the gender principles. There is a common difference between the two main gender categories in the world. The effects or aspect of having different sex partners in marriage has not been an issue in many grounds of human existence. Nonetheless, the effects of the marriage have attracted diverse perceptions from the concerned members of the society. The innate aspect that is directed to the existence of the two categories of sex is based on the opinion of sexual orientations that spark the difference. Not every member in the society is against same sex marriage. As done in the world, like in countries of the west, same sex marriage idea is almost coming into terms with human knowledge and acceptance (Cantor, 2006).

Many laws and regulations are relying on the freedom of gender and expression in order to forge human acceptance of the same sex in the world. It has been normal to perceive many members in the society engaging in facets that promote their innate intentions of having same sex marriages

Gender is an intriguing factor in the human society. This is even extended to the animals' nature. This applies to plants and animals. The intention of having a solid ground where every entity has its own common rule of law has been interfered. The interference with the issue of the same sex factor in the human society has resulted in heated debates over its practice. Initially, it was perceived that marriage between entities of different sexes was normal. Nonetheless, the rise of the same sex marriage in the society has cast doubt on the importance of having a solid ground that influences the functionalism of gender differences in the society has the total knowledge of the differences between the two main categories of sex in the human society. Nonetheless, it is functional to consider the influences of the differences between the genders to be in line with the innate orientations. Therefore, the aspect of the marriage has not attracted positive response from a majority of the members in the society.


Rimmerman, C.A., & Wilcox, C. (2007). The politics of same-sex marriage. Chicago:

According to this book, race is another essential facet that has connotations of human difference in the normal society. The society exists amidst diverse races in the world. The world is not a one-race society. Many races define the human nature in and out of the public. In many cases, it has been admitted that the world has existed in terms of races that do not hold equitable similarities or differences in the society (Rimmerman & Wilcox, 2007). In the mean time, many attributes of race are clued to the fact that racial differences are notable in many countries. The emergence of the marriage is a directive of many races. The act seems to occur in many races. The same sex idea is happening in races of a similar nature. Few cases have reported people dealing with same sex marriage from two different races. This means that the occurrence of the marriage is a common issue among races and not between races. The society is in order to establish freedom of interacting, worship, and racial existence without influencing negatively on the activity of other races in the society

Many categories of attributes of racial sexual orientations have been happening between members of different sexes. The emergence of a generalized avenue of performance is a dictate of how races have acted in the presence of the marriages. Many races are against this act. The issues behind the refusal to be part of the society that accepts same sex marriage are diverse and universal. Many of these attributes are directed to the establishment and presence of all manner of sexual and marriage activities in the society. Nonetheless, the influence of the marriage and the need for individualized performance strikes a notion of elevating the presence of sexual identities under the acts of the same sex societies.


Corvino, J., & Gallagher, M. (2012). The great debate: Debating same-sex marriage journal. Vol. 5

Issue 6, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

The journal states that the main body of knowledge that has been against and at the same time propagating the notion of the same sex in the society is the religious base. Religion stands as a body that has been opposing same sex marriage in the human society. The body has drawn varied evidences and examples. These have come because of all the available cases or examples within the living nature. The cases are directed at having a solid ground of sex and marriage between members of differing sexes. Not many of these ideas have drawn subjections from the secular society (Corvino & Gallagher, 2012). Many religious movements and societies have existed within the notion and belief that there is marriage between members of different sexes.

This has been a universal facet of agreement. It has become normal to have members of different sexes come to marriage and other activities that are done within the society. Many of the facets are directed at having a solid background of performance that is directed at the rule of nature. Nature has it that members of different sexes can engage in marriage as a sign of procreation. Nonetheless, the emergence of same sex marriage is a blow to many religious acceptances and ordinance in the whole world. In the mean time, many religious leaders have been part of the driving forces that have established strong evidence in support of the same sex movements. In other religious groups, the religious leaders are part of the members or couples who have involved in same sex marriages.


The notion of the marriage has attracted numerous reactions and proposals from the human society. The entire aspect of having a solid ground of performance is directed at the fact that humanity has been exercising marriage between members of different sexes. Nonetheless, sex between members of the same sex is appreciated by part of the society as the other members oppose its presence.

Data collection

This study used a number of data collection method in the field. The collection methods were directed at establishing the best… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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