Effective Campaign Media Strategy Term Paper

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Barack Obama Campaign

Barack Obama's media-friendly campaign includes savvy use of digital media extending beyond a slick Web site. Since "Obama Girl" produced her tongue-in-cheek video "I Got a Crush on Obama" and posted it on YouTube, Barack Obama's campaign has paid tribute to the power of the Internet and other new media in delivering the core messages of the campaign, attracting voters, and capitalizing on the instant feedback new media makes possible. As a result, the Obama campaign has been astonishingly well-executed, organized and yet flexible, attractive to a relatively broad demographic, and centering on the charisma of its leader.

The Barack Obama official campaign Web site at www.Barackobama.comis cobalt blue, echoing the title of Obama's "plan for America" known as "Blueprint for Change." The "Blueprint for Change" is a downloadable PDF document outlining Obama's position on more than a dozen issues including health care, the economy, and foreign policy. The document proves the campaign's ability to use new media to its advantage and also helps dispel the rumor that Obama's campaign messages are too nebulous. Outlined clearly in the "Blueprint for Change," Obama's positions on the issues are clear and accessible to all computer users in their own time. Even those users who do not have a computer or Internet connection at home can download the document for later viewing or print it out. Several other campaign documents detailing Barack Obama's stance on key issues are posted on the Web site in HTML and in PDF form.

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Video footage and other multimedia content makes the Obama campaign Website seem designed for youth. Moreover, the campaign points out Obama's presence on the Web's most popular social and information hubs including Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. One of the most notable features on www.barackobama.comis the clickable map of the United States. Users click on their state of residence and they are taken to a page of links for how to become involved in the Barack Obama campaign in that state and contact information for related local political groups.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Effective Campaign Media Strategy Assignment

Obama's online presence is presented clearly and in a way that could get older voters or those not yet computer savvy to read more about the candidate. The Web site also includes a cellular phone text message center and other means of accessing campaign information. Thus, if the campaign managers selected a youth demographic as the target audience for the Web site, they might find that their scope is far more expansive.

An effective media strategy always keeps audience in mind, and the Barack Obama campaign Web site does exactly that. The Web site includes a series of links to pages allowing users to register to vote, take action in their community, participate in the campaign, donate, or report problems in local voting procedures or systems. Reflecting the Barack Obama message of hope and change, the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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