Effective Communication Between Counselors in Patient Health Care Research Proposal

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Health care service provision is often less effective than is possible due to a breakdown in the communication between counselors and other providers in patient health care.

The focus of the present study is to ascertain what may be done by and between health care providers and counselors to optimize their communication in providing the best possible quality health care to patients under their care.

The research question addressed in this present study is the question of what is it that health care providers and health care counselors can do to optimize their levels of communication in the provision of the best possible quality services to patients?


The plan utilized for research and analysis in this study is one that will involve interviewing and surveying of physician providers and physician counselors in order to identify best practices among these individuals in optimizing the level of communication between one another concerning patient treatment in order to ensure the provision of the best possible quality services in health care and health care counseling to patients. The questionnaires and surveys will ask physician health care providers and physician health care counselors questions that will assist in identifying barriers to communication and ultimately to determine what might be done to remove these barriers and increase the level and effectiveness of communication between these individuals.

The following steps will be inclusive in this research initiative:

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Step 1 Conduct review of literature in this area of study which will be a review of academic, professional and peer-reviewed examination of study findings.

Step 2 Develop questionnaire/survey based on existing literature in this area of study.

Step 3 Conduct questionnaires/surveys.

Step 4 Qualitative analyses of information and data.

Step 5 Report findings.


Research Proposal on Effective Communication Between Counselors in Patient Health Care Assignment

Communication is critical in all aspects of interaction within society and this is even more important when it comes to health care service provision whether that service is one relating to the physical or mental health of the individual on the receiving end of those services. The communication that takes place between the provider and patient is critically important and just as important, although not emphasized nearly as often is the critical nature of communication by and between health care providers and the interlinked providers of goods and services relating to individual physical and mental health care services.


The work of Sal P. Restivo entitled: "Science, Technology, and Society..." relates that the 'characteristics and patterns of communication within health care settings (hospitals, HMOs, clinics) among providers and staff influences the type of care patients receive. Physician-to-physician communication influences the choice of therapy and determines the diffusion of medical therapies/technologies. These organizations also use communication to inform their patents about health education activities as well as other services." (2005) In addition Restivo notes health care practitioners "can use telecommunication technologies to provide diagnostic and counseling services to mitigate the barriers imposed by geography, space, and time. These telemedicine activities can alter the traditional environment of the doctor-patient encounter and potentially change relationships between health care providers and health care organizations." (2005) In fact forming the back bone of health care organizations are the "communication networks" which are used in accelerating change and in becoming more "responsive." (Restivo, 2005)

Restivo (2005) continues by stating of communication that it is "at the societal level - more so than at other levels- "...both purposive and non-purposive." Purposive communication is characterized by campaigns that provide public information… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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