Effective Ethical Moral and Legal Leadership Research Paper

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¶ … Ethical, Moral, and Legal Leadership

Debates whether leaders are made or born have continued to evoke striking opinions for a long time. Some people believe leaders are born, meaning that they are naturally strategic, intelligent, charismatic, and visionary. On the contrary, others are of the differing opinion that leaders are made through education, training, experience, and mentoring. Some people argue that leaders are both made and born. They are naturally extroverted and intelligent but enhanced with training, education, experience and mentoring (Avolio & Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2010).

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A study focusing on global top leaders established that fifty-five percent think leaders are made on the belief that leadership is above mere genetics. A twenty percent minority believes that leaders are born. The remaining twenty percent believe that leaders are made out of a combination of these factors (Kets & Engellau, 2008). They argue that leaders have intrinsic leadership qualities but have worked hard through education and experience to maximize their leadership success. Various studies have found that leaders own a mixture of both made and born qualities. However, most study findings are biased towards leaders being made. Leaders might be born with a helping quality with intrinsic leadership skills including charisma, ambition, and drive. This is not enough for a good leader. Hard work is crucial for a leader to develop his/her level of knowledge, competence, and experience. A person cannot afford to be complacent or stand still. Leaders must cautiously learn and develop. The current business world is extremely competitive, and leaders must identify skills to ensure they stay on top (Fox & Marine Corps Association, 2011).

TOPIC: Research Paper on Effective Ethical Moral and Legal Leadership Assignment

It is important for leaders to recognize how to draw elements that will make the biggest impact. Personality can be drawn from experience. It shapes how a person leads a team or business. Leading a big company, with a strong people-oriented culture and programs that aim at developing and growing leaders affect leadership styles. Ultimately, it boils down to passion. Human beings tend to respond to passion. Regardless… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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