Effective Management of Project Change Orders Article Critique

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¶ … Management of Change Orders

Throughout the lifecycle of construction projects there are a myriad of potential factors that can influence the scope of work, period of performance and budget. In the peer reviewed analysis Effective Management of Project Change Orders (Douglas, 2003) the researcher and author provides a theoretical framework of how change orders can be used to mitigate the risks and interruptions that are inevitable in construction projects. He also provides prescriptive guidance on how to optimize the constraints of work scope, the period of performance or timeframe for a given project, and the budgetary considerations and constraints every project must contend with. What emerges from the optimization examples and frameworks given is a lifecycle-based approach to defining change order systems that align with the planning and design, bid and award and construction phases of a project. It is common knowledge that the longer a project's duration the more challenging it is to change requirements, with the final phases being the most difficult ot modify. The author describes a constraint-based view of these trade-offs in the context of a large-scale construction project in the scope of the presented analysis.

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TOPIC: Article Critique on Effective Management of Project Change Orders Assignment

In the peer-reviewed analysis and supporting research provided in the article Effective Management of Project Change Orders (Douglas, 2003) the author defines a series of concepts and frameworks that are aligned to each phase of a large-scale construction project, using the triad-based constraint model of scope of work, time period of performance and budget to define the parameters of analysis. Using these parameters as the foundation of analysis, the author provides insightful analysis of how change orders can be used as a catalyst for continual improvement in the fulfillment of each phase of a construction project. One of the shortcomings of this analysis is how the author fails to provide stronger allegorical references and definitions of how the lessons learned can be readily applied to other industries and across different scenarios or more complex, interdependent projects. There is little guidance of how to recover from the nearly fatal errors of continually modifying complex projects in the middle and final stages of development. The author defines these aspects of change orders as potentially fatal yet fails to provide a solid foundation of how to resolve these dilemmas (Douglas, 2003).

Another observation is how the research shows how stakeholders involved with a large-scale project including the owners, architect and key members of the construction firm all need to be coordinated with one another. There is ample evidence from standards definition efforts across the construction industry that the development of collaboration platforms, processes and programs pays dividends when engrained into the culture of an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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