Effective Measures for Water Conservation Term Paper

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Positive consequences such as these use Social Marketing and immediate financial benefits calculated to outweigh the immediate inconveniences of conservation while convincing the population of immediate and future benefits of sustainability through water conservation.

Surveys after implementing those measures indicated that water consumption rose 1% and none of the State's nine water regions attained the 20% cut in water usage. Consequently, the State then also used negative psychology by instituting fines, guilt, shame, fear and the threat of even harsher measures in the future. Negative consequences of financial penalties, along with the emotions of guilt and shame for failing to adequately conserve water and fear of literally running out of water to motivate Californian's to increase their conservation efforts.

Technology has both aided and harmed the environment. Advances such as retrofitting to use recycled water instead of potable water and constant development of new devices for greater efficiency have positively impacted the environment. Meanwhile, fracking to recover natural gas and oil has created wastes that pollute ground water when injected into the ground. Consequently, technology has been both a boon and a bane to sustainability.

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Finally, California's environmental policies have mixed results. Solely positive consequences were far less effective than desired when attempting to conserve water. Therefore, California added negative consequences to use the psychological impacts of monetary loss, fear, guilt shame and threats to compel citizens to conserve water. In addition, the policies unwisely gave exemptions to the highly-polluting oil and gas industry, now forcing California to take emergency measures. In sum, environmental policies should ideally be supported by positive consequences, negative consequences and cautiously given exemptions in order to be most effective.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Effective Measures for Water Conservation Assignment

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