Effectiveness of Community Policing to Reduce Crime Term Paper

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Community policing is a philosophy of neighborhood improvement through integration of police officers into the community more broadly than in their narrow, traditional roles as crime fighters. It is a concept of modern policing that is not new, having already been implemented in one form or another, in the last twenty years, by thousands of different police agencies throughout the United States. In principle, community policing balances the traditional responsibilities of patrol officers to patrol their sectors in the conventional manner with non-traditional responsibilities designed both to assimilate themselves into the local community as well as to increase quality of life by reducing crime indirectly through encouraging neighborhood-police cooperation.

Article Summary:

In the April 2006 issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Journal published by the U.S. Department of Justice, former West Linn, Oregon Chief of Police John Ellison outlines the benefits and corresponding challenges of making the transition from traditional policing to community-oriented policing, in Community policing:

Implementation Issues. As suggested by its title, the primary focus of the article is on analyzing the issues and obstacles pertaining to making the change from one policing philosophy to another in an effective manner.

In a previous November 2005 issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Journal, Dr.

James Nolan, Dr. Norman Conti, and Professor Jack McDevitt, authored the article

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Situational Policing, in which they analyze the relative prospect for successful implementation of community policing strategy in different types of local communities.

Nolan, a former police officer, identifies three different stages of social development known to characterize social groups and neighborhood communities, acknowledging their different policing needs, in order to suggest the right community policing approach for each type of community.

Article Comparison:

TOPIC: Term Paper on Effectiveness of Community Policing to Reduce Crime Assignment

Both Ellison and Nolan (et al.) accept the underlying premise of the general validity of the so-called Broken Windows Theory, according to which physically well maintained communities experience less crime overall than less well physically maintained communities. Likewise, both Ellison and Nolan accept the value of community policing as a mechanism for resisting and preventing crime in general, improving relations between police agencies and the communities they serve, and expanding the traditional role of patrol officers and their agencies to include municipal- types of service in addition to their tactical responsibilities.

Both Ellison and Nolan acknowledge that community policing is an appropriate policing strategy in certain types… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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