Effectiveness of Different Leadership Styles Essay

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It says that coaching develops higher commitment to achieving mutually shared goals and it helps to produce cherished leaders. The Coaching style of leadership also boosts morale. Leaders find it easy to boost team-member morale by identifying areas of strength and weakness and by tying these with the career objectives of the team members. Any leader who excels at Coaching style will also find it easy to allocate thought-provoking tasks. A leader who wishes to add a new skill will find the Coaching style to be most effective as well as intelligent when seen form the emotional point-of-view. This article also talks about how there are managers who use the Coaching style on themselves and in this way coach themselves and in the process find good solutions for their problems. The result is that such managers become more self-assured and are able to exercise more control and reduce stress (Henson, 2013).

Democratic Leadership

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The Democratic management style is focused on making team members contribute. In an article titled Five Leadership Styles for Successful Project Management the author talks about the Democratic style and says that it builds consensus among team members and is great for planning purposes. Such a style is also good for planning due to the fact that inputs that come from people, especially those who are implementing plans, will become "reality-based" and will cut the possibility that a crucial aspect will be overlooked. The article talks about great managers who make use of Democratic leadership to plan and that this style also makes people feel that they are being heard and that the plan is their own. Democratic style involves everyone (Meyer, 2012).

An article from Mindtools.com called Leadership Styles - Leadership Skills from Mindtools.com says that democratic bosses can make end decisions while simultaneously including team members in decision making processes. Democratic bosses promote team creativity, and team members are actively involved in the projects.

Essay on Effectiveness of Different Leadership Styles Assignment

The article also speaks about the positives and negative points of the Democratic management system. Because team members are included in decision making they are very content with their jobs and production. In fact, it allows team members to believe they are in control of the end result, and this motivates them to work more efficiently and for more than earning financial rewards.

Among the negatives to Democratic leadership you can include the time taken to participate and this in turn makes decision making slower. Even so, this approach does good whenever it is necessary to work collectively, and also when quality is of utmost importance as compared to efficiency or output. A second downside is that this leadership style works better in group situations and it requires patience. If the situation demands speed and efficiency then this style is not the best. So, if a crisis occurs or when time is of the essence then the Democratic style is not the best. Furthermore, the team members may not be sufficiently knowledgeable to provide the right kind of feedback (MindTools, 2013).

The Democratic Leadership Style is an article appearing on leadership-toolbox.com. It takes about the Democratic leadership style and calls it a very open style in which free-flowing discussions are allowed among team members. It also allows people to share ideas and then these ideas can be processed to find out the perfect solution. Democratic leadership is good for a creative group that wishes to concentrate on advertising or design, consulting, most of the service industry, and education.

If communication lines are open then Democratic leadership style will prove to be very effective. People should be ready to communicate ideas so that every option can be inspected. This style is also good when everyone concentrates on discussing things. It must however not be a haphazard collection of ideas. It is the leader's responsibility to ensure that the discussion remains on-topic.

Summary of Leadership Styles and Conclusion

According to Five Leadership Styles for Successful Project Management, Command & Control leadership style is perfect for a situation where one knows what one wants and when one knows how to attain one's goals. The same article also says that Relations-Oriented Leadership style is beneficial because it allows managers to build up a rapport among team members. Hands-On Leadership style suits organizations where the project manager needs to step in and finish the job. It also allows leaders to lead from the front and work with employees to attain the organization's objectives. Coaching Leadership style on the other hand is perfect for those organizations that want to develop their employees in the long run. In this style the leader advises his team and then follows up to achieve stated goals. Finally, the Democratic management style works best when the organization wants to use input from team members (Boykins, 2013).


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