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Cause and Effect of Alcohol Abuse on Mind and Body

Alcohol is everywhere in today's society. People stop by for a

drink, drink to get drunk, college students binge drink, and for many

people it is a disease and an addiction. But alcohol has lasting

consequences on one's mind and the body, and these consequences are

overwhelmingly bad. Alcohol damages the brain, the body, and one's mind to

the point that someone can be addicted. The causes of alcohol damage are

often medical certainties, and the extended abuse of alcohol can lead to

further psychological problems.

Alcohol has an effect on the central nervous system with a ride range

of side effects, many of which are deleterious to health. Different

factors influence the extent and level of alcohol intake and effect, but

regardless, alcohol abuse can and will result in health issues of many


The causes of alcohol abuse are often the result simply of drinking

too much. The recommended dosages for drinks a day are very small, any

anymore will result in negative consequences for health. Furthermore,

there is the risk that "people who drink frequently or in large quantities

can become addicted to alcohol," which means that drinking more than the

very small recommended daily amount likely will lead to addiction and

ultimately abuse (BUPA 2006). The early symptoms of alcohol abuse are

those that include a difficulty controlling ones drinking, a growingBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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tolerance to alcohol, and when alcohol begins to impact other areas of life

(BUPA 2006). Furthermore, alcoholism can also be genetic. In general, the

many symptoms of alcohol abuse can cause harm to the body and mind. One

may turn to alcohol for relief or help from a certain problem or bad

situation in his or her life, but the short and long term consequences and

effects of alcohol on the body are very harmful.

The initial consequences of alcohol abuse may even seem good to the

drinker. A loss of inhibitions and ignoring social constraints may seem

Term Paper on Effects of Alcohol Assignment

cool. But this lack of disrespect of social norms, and legal implications

will ultimately lead to negative consequences. Unconsciousness, death,

coma, and excessive vomiting are one result of binge alcohol abuse. Thus

the original euphoria and good feeling will result in a loss of

coordination and blurred vision and then consequences far worse. This

means the original benefits of alcohol are lost after excessive consumption

and the resulting is alcohol abuse which has only harmful effects on the

body and mind.

Alcohol abuse, then means, first and foremost consequences towards

the body, and these consequences are only beneficial in moderation.

Alcohol abuse does not imply moderation, so thus alcohol abuse causes a

wide range of short and long term health problems for the individual. The

short term effects of alcohol abuse include dehydration and a loss of short

term memory and poor coordination. Often people who drink too much become

hung-over and that includes many flue like symptoms that are painful and

which only time can help to heal. But these are only the minor health

effects problems caused by alcohol abuse. There are far more serious and

permanent problems.

Drinking too much can cause serious physical damage, increase the

possibilities for other diseases, and even cause death. Among the many

problems associated with alcohol abuse there are hepatitis and cirrhosis of

the liver, inflammation of the stomach lining, inflammation of the

pancreas, high blood breasure, mouth and throat cancer, brain damage, heart

failure, and vitamin deficiency (BUPA 2006). This does not even begin to

discuss the problems with alcohol abuse on women who are pregnant which are

not only extremely detrimental to the child, but to the future relationship

between mother and child. For example, women who are heaving drinkers like

will have children that, "can result in growth deficiencies, nervous system

problems, lowered intelligence, and facial abnormalities in the child"

(BUPA 2006).

Alcohol is a depressant and can cause short term and immediate

problems. Blackouts are a serious concern with alcohol abuse as well as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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