Effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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Using both psychotherapy and medication would allow a person to improve on their symptoms, teach them skill for addressing their symptoms, and learn coping methods. People are different, treatment should only be decided after proper diagnosis, and evaluation of the person is done. A treatment regime that works for one person might not work for another person. A mental health care provider experienced with treating PTSD should treat anybody suffering from PTSD. This will ensure that the care provider understands the different aspects of the disorder and has experience dealing with a person suffering the disorder. If the person suffering from PTSD is experiencing an ongoing trauma like an abusive relationship, the care provider should treat both problems. This will ensure that the person does not continue to experience PTSD and relapse on their treatment.

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Psychotherapy is basically talk therapy. This treatment involves talking with a mental health professional. Therapy could be conducted in a group or one on one. Psychotherapy for PTSD should last between 6-12 weeks, but it could take longer if the condition is severe. According to research, support from friends and family is a vital part for psychotherapy. There are three distinct types of psychotherapy. They are exposure therapy, cognitive restructuring, and stress inoculation training. Exposure therapy assists a person to face and control their fear. This therapy will expose them to the trauma they underwent in a safe manner. The therapy will use writing, visits to the place where the event took place, or mental imagery. Using these tools, the therapist will help the person to cope with their feelings.

Essay on Effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Assignment

Cognitive restructuring will help the person to make sense of their bad memories. There is a possibility for the person to recall the event in a different manner than it happened. The person might feel shame or guilt. Using this method the therapist helps the person look at the traumatizing event in a more realistic manner. Stress inoculation training attempts to reduce the symptoms of PTSD by teaching the person methods of reducing anxiety. This method allows the person to look at the event that transpired in a healthy way.


PTSD is a disorder that can affect anyone regardless of his or her age. The disorder does not affect everyone who suffers a traumatizing event, but most people suffering from the disorder have undergone a traumatizing event. A person who has experienced such an event should seek medical attention to ensure that they do not have PTSD symptoms. The person should also be taught on how to observe for PTSD symptoms. The symptoms might not present themselves immediately. It might take months or years for some people to experience any symptoms. When the symptoms begin, it is best if the person seeks medical assistance immediately. PTSD is a mental disorder. Therefore, a psychiatrist or psychologist should treat it. The doctor should be someone who has experience dealing with PTSD and understands the different methods for treating the disorder.


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