Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Research Paper

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¶ … Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition

Describe OR diagram a process or procedure that is similar between the organizations

The most important process in developing medicines is conducting research and clinical trials. This is mandatory to avoid legal problems and also is the method of ensuring that the derived drug or medicine is effective and without any side effects. The company Pfizer is into R&D for finding new medicines for challenging diseases. The clinical trials of discovered medicines are a process that is very crucial for the medicine to be approved. The regulations are such that there are regulations regarding the clinical trials and rights of the participants. While Pfizer is a research-based company that develops drugs after trial, the Par Pharmaceutical is more of a generic drug company. (Par Pharmaceuticals, 2011)

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The difference is that in the case of a generic drug the clinical trials would have already been conducted by the original discovering company. The generic drugs are patent free drug formulas that become so after a lapse of the original patent. Pfizer is also a generic drug manufacturer and both are thus able to give out low cost drugs in the market. Par Pharmaceutical confines itself to the market in the United States and is recently gone global. In the case of Pfizer, it is a multinational drug company. Each company has its own policies and positions regarding the clinical trial. The process in the clinical trial is long and elaborate. (Clinical Trials. Gov, 2007)

Research Paper on Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Assignment

The selective use of the medicine discovered of patient volunteers who meet the conditions are of two types-interventional and observational. In the interventional type the volunteers are subject to the treatment and the results and the reactions measured and the result shows the success of the formulation. In the second type that is the observational the volunteers are just observed without the induction of the drug and comparisons created. The protocols for the trial is common for all companies and participants and all such trials in the U.S. come under the purview of the Institutional Review Board -- IRB and thus institutions that conduct or support biomedical research involving people must have the IRB that approves the research. (Clinical Trials. Gov, 2007)

Clinical trials have different phases. In the first the experimental drug or treatment is confined to a very small group and is tested for safety, dosage range, and side effects. On establishing this, the research moves to the second step a larger group of over one hundred people to see its effect in a larger group. In the third phase the number increase to more than three thousand which can effectively provide a conclusion on the trial. In the last phase the drug is perfected and sent for market study. (Clinical Trials. Gov, 2007) This is the process by which pharmacy companies introduce new drugs.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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