Effort to Build E-Government and an Information Society Term Paper

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Information is the Power for the Future

Technology is a two-edged sword and civilization is the hostage. Information gives us the ability to control technology and use it for the good of mankind, but information is only as good as its source. The Internet is a huge network of computers controlled by human beings, all of them fallible. The sheer power of the information readily available on the Internet is awesome, but it is like alphabet soup, and the information which is usable may only be the cupful of letter shaped noodles in that huge cauldron. The key to using the information available is sifting out the sand leaving only the gold nuggets of truth.

Access to information is the key to government by the people and for the people. The invention of the movable type printing press began the process of creating a literate world, and the Internet offers the most powerful tool ever created towards that end. Human beings can now add immense resources to their own brain power in the form of documents which store information we would otherwise forget.(Hayakawa, Dr. S.I. 1935) In addition, the processing power of computers offers the advantage of being able to analyze data in every way imaginable.

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In order to really create the new information society, the government must make as much information as possible available publicly on the net. It also need to be searchable and well organized by tasks. The communication needs to be two way for it to provide the best possible benefits. In this way, the public can stay informed on all aspects which interest them. Government programs can become more successful with higher participation due to the availability of information.

Term Paper on Effort to Build E-Government and an Information Society Assignment

In addition to this, information technology can provide us with better protection for life and property. It is also, perhaps, the only way to combat the possibilities of terrorism, which is much more dangerous with the technology for mass murder so readily available. The Patriot Act may take things a little too far, but some loss of personal privacy is a small price to pay for relative safety. This technology provides so many benefits to society that it should actually be protected. The availability of the Internet prevented a coup in Russia in 1991 (Peters, Katherine McIntyre 1999) and helped to bring down the Berlin Wall. So many vital services… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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