Egocentrism Term Paper

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As teens begin to develop and mature their physical appearance serves as a visual reminder to the world that they are barreling toward adulthood. These visual reminders help the world accept the fact that the child is no longer a child. When a teen has late or delayed development he or she may find it more difficult to be taken seriously in the natural steps of development. This can lead to feelings of frustration and anger and the teen may begin to associate with other social outcasts and begin to get into legal or school trouble.

Puberty not only marks the start of physical maturation, but in ideal settings it marks the beginning of emotional maturation as well.

When it begins early or late it can create an atmosphere in which the teen tries to make up the differences by actions. Those actions can create emotional issues with long-term consequences.

Isolation, depression, promiscuity and other things can develop when puberty hits outside of the normal pattern.

The third problem that can occur when puberty begins late is that the teen can try to act younger than he or she is. If the teen is not in puberty when all of his or her friends are the teen may begin to revert to more child like attitudes and behaviors.

The teen may try and get parents to do things for him that he can do for himself. He or she may expect teachers to give them chances that a teen of that age should not be entitled to.

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The reverse can occur in a child who begins puberty early. They may be viewed as older than they are by the world and treated accordingly. The child may be expected to understand concepts and feelings that she or he is no where near ready to handle. The child may be expected to perform academically and at home in the same manner and with the same proficiency that an older teen could do (McDevitt, 2002).

The onset of puberty marks many milestones, and because it is physical, it tells the world of the child's entrance into adolescence. If it happens on time it works in tandem with the child's emotional development to move that individual to adulthood. If it appears early or late it can create many problems.

Term Paper on Egocentrism the Concept of Egocentrism Assignment


Child Development: Educating and Working with Children and Adolescents. (2nd Ed.) By McDevitt & Ormrod. Pearson-Prentice Hall 2002.

Learn the signs of early puberty

Boys Delayed Puberty: How To Ease Fears by Charles Wibbelsman, MD [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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