Term Paper: Egypt's Outline (Main Heading) Political Instability Abets

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Egypt's Outline

(Main Heading) Political instability abets Corruption and begets underdevelopment in Egypt

(Attention Getter)

Does a direct correlation exist between political instability, inbred corruption, and country's underdevelopment?

Thesis (Points that guide the reader as to the content of your paper.)

Egypt has suffered a lot of underdevelopment due to the absolute corruption that exists there in and the unstable politics that has prevailed in the country.

Body (Heading) Egypt's Climate

1st Point (Subheading) -- Issues & Economic Effects

Share common trends

Oil fueled economy


Lines of delineation

Unclear differentiation of religion and state

b. Socialism regime

2nd Point (Subheading) -- Developmental Issues

Natural resources

a. Origin of raw materials -- petroleum, manganese, talc, etc.

b. Assets for generating revenue

Vast Agricultural land

a. Conducive weather

b. Ability to grow cotton, wheat, rice, corn, fruits, etc.

3. Potential Exports

a. Several raw materials -- crude oil, raw cotton, petroleum, etc..

b. Trade activity with USA, Japan, and Europe

C. 3rd Point (Subheading) -- Political Environment

1. Dynamic History

a. Highly centralized and powerful

b. Removal of Mubarak, resulted in Military Rule since February 11, 2011

2. Corruption

a. Mubarak spearheaded many corrupt cases

b. Privatization of major government operations stopped by El-Shobaki

c. Insurance Companies claiming corruption of misuse of funds

d. Favoritism in government appointments

D. 4th Point (Subheading) -- Solutions

1. Transparent and Fair Elections

a. Conducted by independent bodies

b. Witnessed by international observers

2. Internal Engagement

a. Increase involvement to facilitate more jobs for youth

b. Eliminate bipartisan ideologies that may intoxicate the process.

3. Regional Integration

a. Gain democracy tips for neighboring countries

b. Serve as a guide in the quest for democracy.

4. Security

a. State sponsored terrorism

b. Politically engineered violence

5. Civil Vigilance

a. Society created to monitor corruption

b. Evidence exists that such interventions are effective

D. 5th Point (Subheading) -- Emergence of Pro-Democratic Sentiments

1. Democratic Islamic Parties

a. Turkey with moderate ideologies

b. Iraq under the united Iraqi Alliance

2. Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

a. In 1957, the Eisenhower Doctrine was the start of American Democracy promotion

b. Critics stated democracy cannot be imposed on a people

c. Egyptian new governance will establish a structure that will ensure political stability, thus reducing corruption.

III. Conclusion

A. (Restate Thesis)

Egypt has suffered a lot of underdevelopment due to the absolute corruption that exists there in and the unstable politics that has prevailed in the country.

B. References introduction

Ahram Online, (2011). Employees… [END OF PREVIEW]

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