Egypt the Revolution Essay

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During that time the government and its leader created what they referred to as emergency laws. The nation was in a state of emergency and could only be saved if those in power were given additional powers and abilities, even if those powers were not altogether legal. The demands of the 2011 revolutionaries were actually very similar to their 1919 counterparts. Shakry writes that the revolutionaries wanted:

An end to Mubarek [the Egyptian leader], and end to the emergency laws that had strangled political expression in Egypt since 1981, a civil government with a new constitution guaranteeing elections and the curtailment of political power, and trials for those involved in the massacre of the protestors (Shakry).

Essentially, what the 2011 revolutionaries were demanding was to be treated equally under the law and to have laws which were reasonable and fair to all citizens.

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Since the revolution, Egypt has had a difficult time rebuilding itself. This situation is made all the more difficult by political situations in nearby Libya and throughout the Middle East. Unlike their neighboring nations, Egyptians have attempted to create change without the use of violence. It is the enemies of the revolutionaries that have most often been the perpetrators of death and bloodshed. One can only hope that other nations whose citizens feel that they are being treated unfairly would learn from the successes of the Egyptian revolutionaries. In the end, all the uprisings that occurred in Egypt have been essentially successful for the people. Unfortunately, all it takes is one disruptive force, the British government before and Mubarek later, to disturb the ideals of a larger group of people.

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TOPIC: Essay on Egypt the Revolution in Egypt Assignment

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