Essay: Egyptian Art in Narmer's Palette and Akhenaten

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Egyptian Art in Narmer's Palette And Akhenaten's Stela

Egyptian art was remarkable for a variety of reasons, including its stylized depictions of historical events and personalities, and its basic consistency for thousands of years. Reflective of the Egyptian cultural and political environments, the art of ancient Egyptian communicated civic lessons and religious themes, and memorialized pharaohs and mythic gods. It remained as stable in its depictions as the Egyptian culture did in its long-lived history. This basic truth, however, should not be taken as an indication that there were no stylistic changes that emerged in different periods of history, or that different art pieces were not meant to serve different ends. This paper will compare two important pieces made almost two thousand years apart -- "The Narmer Palette" and the "Stela of Akhenaten and His Family" -- in order to describe a few such evident changes.

The "Palette" was made during the predynastic reign of Narmer, who unified Upper and Lower Egypt around 3100 BCE. It consists of front and back raised carved panels which depict a number of militaristic scenes interpreted largely to indicate the king's unifying conquests. The stark, stylized depictions of violence and ritual military behavior, including troop inspections and a possible execution, are balanced with symbolic depictions of animals in a variety of poses which speak to the king's strength and successful conquest. The emphasis in the piece is on order and disciplined, ritualized behavior. The depictions of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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