Egyptian Medicine Term Paper

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Basil- excellent for the heart.

Balsam Apple or Apple of Jerusalem -- laxative, skin allergies, soothes headaches, gums and teeth, for asthma, liver stimulant, weak digestion.

Bayberry -- stops diarrhea, soothes ulcers, shrinks hemorrhoids, repels flies.

Belladonna -- pain reliever

Camphor tree -- reduces fevers, soothes gums, soothes epilepsy.

Caraway -- soothes flatulence, digestive, breath freshener.

Cubeb pepper -- urinary tract infections, larynx and throat infections, gum ulcers and infections, soothes headaches.

Dill -- soothes flatulence, relieves dyspepsia, laxative and diuretic properties.

Frankincense -- throat and larynx infections, stops bleeding, cuts phlegm, asthma, stops vomiting.

Garlic -- gives vitality, soothes flatulence and aids digestion, mild laxative, shrinks hemorrhoids, rids body of 'spirits'.

Henna -- astringent, stops diarrhea, close open wounds

Honey -- a natural antibiotic, used to dress wounds and as a base for healing unguents.

Licorice -- mild laxative, expels phlegm, soothes liver, pancreas and chest and respiratory problems.

Mustard -- induces vomiting, relieves chest pains.

Onion -- diuretic, induces perspiration, prevents colds, sooths sciatica, relieves pains and other cardiovascular problems.

Parsley -- diuretic.

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Poppy -- relieves insomnia, relieves headaches, anesthetic, soothes respiratory problems, deadens pain.

Mint -- soothes flatulence, aids digestion, stop vomiting, breath freshener.

Sandalwood -- aids digestion, stops diarrhea, soothes headaches and gout.

Sesame -- soothes asthma.

Tamarind -- laxative

Thyme -- pain reliever.

Tumeric -- closes open wounds ("


TOPIC: Term Paper on Egyptian Medicine. There Are Eight Assignment

Ancient Egyptian physicians exhibited knowledge about medicine that was extremely advanced for their time. These physicians can be credited for developing a number of treatments and procedures which continue to be used in the modern medicine of today.


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