Term Paper: Eighteenth Century, Religion in Many Protestant Countries

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¶ … eighteenth century, religion in many Protestant countries -- especially England -- had become a largely political force, and had grown less and less concerned with the spiritual salvation of its congregants. John and Charles Wesley were two important figures of the century that tried to change this, with a great deal of success, re-establishing the doctrine of the salvation of God's free grace among not only the people of the Anglican church, but everywhere that the brothers traveled, and beyond as their message and methods spread. Charles Wesley primarily wrote hymns that served their spiritual purpose, while John Wesley began preaching in public -- a highly controversial act when he began -- and continued making extensive journeys by horseback for preaching engagements into his seventies, at which point he switched to a carriage and continued his activities for another decade. Not all were receptive to the brothers' messages, but they help to revitalize and subtly reshape Protestantism into a personal religion.

Chapter 11

As the eighteenth century began to draw to a close, a terrific blow was dealt to the Roman Catholic Church by the French Revolution. Political as well as intellectual tensions between the Church and the people, as well as the Church and the monarchy, had been brewing for years, and the Enlightenment-mined Revolution marked an opportune moment for the overthrow of France's long ties to Rome. This was an extreme example of a growing trend throughout the Christian world, and the Christian response to the changing times was equally proactive. Christianity and Chirstians, especially in many Protestant sects, became more involved with social issues and thus a more present and prominent… [END OF PREVIEW]

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