Elderly in American Society Term Paper

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"Must sell their homes unless they return home within six months or a doctor says it may be possible for the resident to return home at a later time. Must apply any monthly income above $59 to the cost of their care, except in special circumstances or if their spouse at home needs more income.

May transfer their home to a child at least three years prior to entering the nursing home or in the event the son or daughter was living in the home at least two years just prior to their admission (Gordon, 1995)."


"Must submit, at the time of their spouses' admission to a nursing home, to an asset assessment to determine what assets you owned on the day of admission (Gordon, 1995)."

May keep the house, their personal property, a car and the greater of $21,156 of the couple's liquid assets or half of their liquid assets up to $74,820.

May continue to earn unlimited monthly income and do not have to pay further to support their spouses' care (Gordon, 1995)."

In the United States today there are about 20,000 individual nursing homes. Those homes hold a combined bed number of between 1.5 million and 2 million. About five percent of residents in this country over 65 years old reside in a nursing home (Cefalu, 1995).

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"Federal law requires nursing homes to have a nursing director who is a registered nurse, a medical director, and other paraprofessional personnel (medical social workers, pharmacists, rehabilitation specialists, a recreational therapist, and di- teary, housekeeping, and maintenance services). More than 90% of nursing home employees are nursing staff, and 80% of care is provided by nursing aides. These may include full-time, part-time, or contract professionals (Cefalu, 1995). "


Term Paper on Elderly in American Society. Using Assignment

The elderly face many challenges as they advance in age. There are nursing homes that provide total care including developing a social life for its residents. They employ an activities director who plans outings, game nights, dances and other events to encourage social interaction. In addition there are senior centers throughout the nation providing the same type of care for those who still live at home. The social isolation of the elderly is one of the biggest obstacles that we must over come if we want quality of life to keep up with quantity of life in the future. Changes in the financial demands for poverty before admittance needs to be addressed as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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