Elderly Boseman, J. And L. Victor. ) Annotated Bibliography

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¶ … Elderly

Boseman, J. And L. Victor. (2008). "Aging Americans and Diabetes: A Public Health

and Clinical Response." Geriatrics. 59 (4): 14-17.

Diabetes is more than a moral and medical problem -- it is, in fact, a holistic issue interrelated to culture and most assuredly economics. One rarely thinks of the numerous consequences illness, lethargy, and/or inability to find treatment may have on populations unprepared for mass cases of type II diabetes:

Physical inactivity and unhealthy diets lead to more disease, days away from work, and burdens on the social systems of countries

Risk factors rise for cardiac disease, or an inability to remain part of the labor force as long as a healthy person

Greater siphoning of resources away from necessary programs and into control of an epidemic caused by behavior patterns.

Gan, W., et.al., (2011). Long-Term Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Hospitalization and Mortality. Environmental Health Perspectives. 119 (4): 501-16.

As individuals age, we know that their body lacks the immune response to toxins and is therefore more at risk for developing disease based on environmental factors. In a modern world, it is almost impossible not to be exposed to carcinogens and toxins from air-pollution and traffic fumes, which in turn, increase the risk of coronary issues requiring hospitalization in the elderly.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Nemerogg, C. (2007). The Curiously Strong Relationship Between Cardiovascular

Disease and Depression in the Elderly. The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 15 (2): 217-33.

Annotated Bibliography on Elderly Boseman, J. And L. Victor. (2008). Assignment

Depression is one of those conditions that can return if proper preventative measures are not taken. Patients need to understand that depression can return at any time and certain precautions must be taken. Research also shows there is a statistical correlation between heart disease and depression and, oddly enough, visa versa. Patients with heart issues tend to see mortality as an approaching inevitability, contributing to depression. Similarly, depression causes many older adults to have little interest in eating right, in exercising, and in engaging in social tasks with other adults.

Rinker, A.G. Jr. (January-February 2009) Recognition and perception of elder abuse by prehospital and hospital-based care providers. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 48 (1) 110-115.

Scholarly article focusing on ways that medical professionals can recognize symptoms of elder abuse and make appropriate recommendations and reports surrounding the issue. Elder abuse is a hidden problem, yet faces an approximate 28 per cent of populations over 70 as both a health and mental health related issue.

Weisshopg, M., et.al., (2010). Association of Cumulative Lead Exposure with Parkinson's Disease. Environmental Health Perspectives. 118 (11): 1609-21.

We are learning more and more that repeated exposure to environmental issues has the potential to cause, or exacerbate, certain health related issues. As people age, it is logical that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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