Elderly Drivers and Their Drivers Licenses Seminar Paper

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Driving License and the Elderly Driver

There have been a lot of reforms and amendments in the motor vehicle related laws across the world, which has led to a lot of debate. Motor vehicle management is one of the most intricate and sensitive issues which is included in the civil planning of a society or country. A lot of stress is laid towards planning and development of a system, which ensures a safe and sound driving option for the elderly population of a given urban area. It has been found out through various studies and researches that the elderly population has a higher risk of involvement in a road crash, which can be fatal for others as well. There have been various risks which were involved in the overall function of driving including the senior citizens.

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Seminar Paper on Elderly Drivers and Their Drivers Licenses Assignment

Laws are now being enforced to make the driving license renewal process more rigid and effective. Several age related defects and physical shortcomings come in way of effectively implying the driving license renewal policies. Many states across the U.S.A. have adopted a rigid function to curtail the easy renewal function regarding driving licenses, which includes vital physical tests for citizens above the age of 70. It has been noticed in many cases that people of elder age have a tendency of being involved in accidents due to physical shortcomings. There has been a considerable measure of changes and corrections in the motor vehicle related laws all over the world, which has prompted open deliberations. Motor vehicle administration is a standout amongst the most complex and delicate issues which is incorporated in the common arranging of a general public or nation. A lot of anxiety is laid towards arranging and advancement of a framework, which guarantees a sheltered and sound driving alternative for the elderly populace of a given urban territory. It is figured out through different studies and investigations that the elderly populace has a greater danger of contribution in a Road crash, which can be lethal for others too. There have been different dangers which were included in the general capacity of driving including the senior citizens. Laws are presently being upheld to make the driving permit replenishment handle more unbending and viable. A few age related imperfections and physical inadequacies come in method for successfully suggesting the driving permit restoration strategies. Lastly, it is noteworthy that numerous states over the U.S.A. have received an unbending capacity to shorten the simple reestablishment capacity in regards to driving licenses, which incorporates indispensable physical tests for citizens over a certain age. It has been recognized as a rule that individuals of senior age have an inclination of being included in mishaps because of physical inadequacies.


Summary of Preceding Laws leading to Current Laws

Bruce, Winick, Alina and Perez (2010) in their study suggest that in every organized body, the driving function is well regulated by the governing bodies and the administrative councils, who exercise control over the whole function of granting permits. A driver's license is a valid doctrine, which contains all valid information regarding the driver's credentials and details. This document permits the citizen to be able to legally drive motor vehicles and depicts the fitness of the citizen in doing so. Incidents that triggered the review can be grouped into four general categories:

1. Attainment of a Particular Age

Just like fixation of minimum age to be able to obtain a driver's license, there are also similar implications of a person attaining a particular age. It is an established fact that when an individual crosses 60 years of age, there are many shortcomings which develop in the day-to-day functioning of a human body. Many crucial body functions begin to give up and the major cause of concern is the eyesight, which is affected drastically. This judiciary function allows the administrative bodies to keep control of their license renewal policies, by providing guidelines towards directing senior citizens to get their physical fitness examination done regularly.

2. Occurrence of Certain Adverse Driving Events

When a particular citizen or individual is involved in a car crash or accident, there is a certain jurisdiction which entails these individuals to be affected by such occurrences. In case of adverse incidents, there is a formulated function which penalizes individuals that are involved and this is a function which is specifically designed to keep a tap on such activities. Enforcement of law and order in driving and motor vehicle function is enabled through this function.

3. Reports Concerning Driving Irregularities or Diminished Capacity

There is a lot of stress, which is laid in the direction of maintaining high efficiency of driving function, and in order to maintain such standards, several parties are involved. However, police department is the main interacting body, which can report towards non-compliance of a citizen deemed unfit to drive motor vehicles. Apart from this institution, courts of law, and even family members of the individuals can report such unfit efficiency of the individual to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). This is included in order to maintain a high efficiency of driving function, and the individual, who is reported in this direction, is required to report and prove complete physical fitness and ability to carry on driving. All vital physical examinations are followed and included for the same and the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) has to confirm these reports, in conjunction with the medical authorities.

4. Disclosure by the Driver at the Time of Renewal in Response to Questions Concerning the Existence of Conditions that May Impair Driving Ability

At the time, licenses are provided to citizens, there are set of questions which are required to be answered by the respondents. These questions are in lieu of faith and best of knowledge of the respondent and the jurisdiction allows permits to be issued based on these responses. However, if it is found that the respondent had provided false information at the time of filing for permit, it is deemed offensive and punishable.

Relevant Ethical Rules

Proper Checks and Balances for issuing licenses

There are certain authorities, which work in conjunction with the DMV to ascertain the efficiency and capacity of the individual filing for license. This is done with reference to the medical fitness and physical ability of the person. Medical authorities help the DMV by conducting medical examinations on the individual and provide the related physical fitness examination. In other cases, it is done only through cross-checking the paperwork regarding the medical stats of the individual, which is done in selective cases. In some rare cases, medical administrations may refer the individual to a physician for further checkup and to ascertain certain stats (Winick & Perez, 2010, p. 193-99).


It is an established fact that driving is a very critical function of any civic society and there is a detailed procedure to grant driving permission to an individual. However, on the other hand, there is a proper detailed procedure, which guides the judiciary and administrative bodies, to be able to withdraw such permit from a citizen. There is no biasness in this direction, which helps in preventing the interests of common citizens and populace at large to derail. This makes the functioning of law and legal functioning very detailed and classified, which has to follow a particular pattern. A legally defined notification has to be served to the individual, who is to undergo scrutiny in this direction and then the permit can be denied or withdrawn, from the person. This legal notification has to contain a particular and valid cause for the same, which should be inside the frame of legal and constitutional bindings (Winick & Perez, 2010, p. 193-99).

Driving Regulations

The level of jurisdiction for each and every case is fixed as per the level or capacity of the legal functionary. There is a certain level fixed for each and every judiciary body, which exercises control and command over certain licenses and permits. This division is done, beginning from the district level and working up to the state level. In this manner the control which prevails over the citizens and groups is done in a legitimate and more effective manner. Each level has logical and rational number of licenses to preside over, and they grant these permits in their own capacity. Also, apart from granting licenses, the jurisdiction regarding grievance handling is very logical and explainable, which maintains a very functional and efficient control over such issues. However, in some of the most severe cases and incidents, which involve higher level of loss and consists of great felony, these are referred to higher authorities at the state level. Decisions, for or against are taken in this direction, depending upon the level and severity of crime committed (Brinig, 2012, p. 410-12)

Data Comparison

Data with comparison to previous studies indicates several revealing facts about the nature of this function in a society. The amount of affect driving poses on these societies can be compared by studying the data… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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