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This service organization contracts with over fifty other community agencies to deliver services that promote the well-being and independence of seniors (Sapp-Pradia, 2009).

Home delivered meals and nutrition programs

Home-based care and illness management

Alzheimer's Day Care

Health and Wellbeing classes and information

Integrated Care Management

Elder Care

The community is well poised to assist seniors in Monrovia with these and other services such as legal advice, health insurance, activities, and even ombudsman programs. Program help sheets, documents, and forms for enrollment are easily accessed at the Los Angeles County web page (www.lacounty.gov), or simply by calling the Senior Services Office. While there are gaps in service due to reliability of funding, the number of secondary agencies that assist in these programs are wide-range enough to continue care within the needs of a smaller population center like Monrovia. Additionally, programs available through the regional hospital center provide several outreach programs to assist seniors, including translation services, community nursing, and regular senior workshops (Ibid).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Elderly in Monrovia, CA the Assignment

In comparison to other cities of similar size to Monrovia, the services per capita appear greater than in many other locations. Certainly, the involvement of both the AAA and Catholic Social Services program contribute to the success of Monrovia's senior care, as well as the higher per capita income and bedroom community reputation (See Appendix A for sample services). Los Angeles County, too, is committed to integrating many of the policies and recommendations from the national "Healthy People 2010" campaign, particularly in regard to workplace safety, increased education on preventative disease, and a focus on the use of public health to form a liaison with local health care professionals to rapidly improve care through the focus on education and preventative medicine. In fact, California has achieved 16 of the 26 Focus Areas in the National "Healthy People 2010" directive, and indicates they are well on track for fulfilling the rest by the Federal deadline (California Department of Public Health, 2009).

This assignment was extremely interesting from both a cultural and academic viewpoint. Assessing a particular area's statistics and commitment to health uncovered a wealth of new sources, and also provided a means of comparing overall data from a real-world population with that of the same population nationally. Looking in depth at the community of Monrovia, one finds that, as a senior, it would be a very reasonable choice for retirement or senior care. Facilities are available, weather is mild, many of the issues of the Los Angeles basin are absent, and the population is stable.

Appendix A

1) Alzheimer's Day Care Resource Center -- primary purpose to provide quality daycare for persons with dementia; education, training and resources for caregivers or interested parties and support services. Services are free, and constitute primary, secondary and tertiary advocacy and care. Preventative care is not available under the current medical rubric. (See: http://css.lacounty.gov/Aaa/docs/Adcrcfact.pdf).

2) Dietary Administrative Support Services -- primary purpose is to provide centralized dietary services and oversight at food production locations for seniors. The service ensures proper menu development, food production, safety, and sanitation, and assures that the nutritional needs of seniors are being met in the most efficient and individually sensitive manner. Home delivered meals are specifically for seniors who are home-bound, providing not only meals, but a mechanism to check on the client. Donations are accepted, but the program is free to those in need. Services are primary and secondary. (See: http://css.lacounty.gov/Aaa/Nutr/docs/HomeDeliveredProviders.pdf).

3) Integrated Care Management -- primarily purpose is to promote and maintain independent living for seniors and to decrease the need for institutionalized care. The program links clients to appropriate services and funding sources, and attempts to do everything possible to help the senior retain their independence while still providing appropriate care and a safety net. (See: http://css.lacounty.gov/Aaa/docs/IcmProviders.pdf).


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