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¶ … Eleanor Roosevelt. The critique is also to include five different websites that discusses her life and role. We then summarize her life and the characteristics that are unique to her leadership style. We identify of her behaviors, traits, and style. Finally, we summarize the effects of her role on societal changes.

"Work that Satisfies the Creative Instinct: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Arts and Crafts,"

Winterthur:Portfolio 42:2/3 (Summer/Autumn 2008): 159-182.

This article applies both the traditional and the historical interpretation of Eleanor Roosevelt life using her idealistic and largely practical solution to both social and political bottlenecks. This article is a risk analysis which simplifies her understanding of commitment to reforms as well as political solutions. This article shows how Eleanor Roosevelt supported art and craft / handicraft. She pointed out that the benefits of handicraft are more than the socioeconomic improvements.

Isenberg, NG (1987).Eleanor Roosevelt: Joseph Lash's "Eternal Mother": Volume 10, Number 2,

Spring 1987

This article biographically portrays women as important models in the examination of the very problematic discourse of traditional bibliography. It explores the concept of "eternal mother," which is very dominant in the religious doctrines as well as various narratives as pointed out in this article by Joseph Lash while performing a biographical study of Roosevelt.

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Urdang, IP (2008) Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: Human Rights and the Creation of the United

Nations .Magazine of History, April 2008, Vol. 22 Issue: Number 2 p28-28, 1p; (an 23144834).

Research Paper on Eleanor Roosevelt Assignment

This article provides information on human rights as well as the creation of the United Nations. It provides information on the role of in the creation of the United States as well as his efforts to get rid of human suffering in America at the time of the Great Depression. In this article Roosevelt pointed out the need for a legislation to protect the dignity of the human race as well as provide security to people against hazards.

Beasley, M (1986)Eleanor Roosevelt's vision of journalism: a communications medium for women. Studies Quarterly, Mar1986, Vol. 16 Issue 1, p66-75, 10p; Historical Period: 1930 to 1939.

This article describes how in 1930s the mass media was used by Eleanor Roosevelt in an effort to communicate with women. At that time women were isolated in the American society. She was a newsmaker, so she applied three approaches; daily newspaper column, magazine articles and press conference so as to gain political support as well as create self-awareness among the American women.


The White House (n.d)"Anna Eleanor Roosevelt." Retrieved from .

This is a short biography on Eleanor Roosevelt by the White House which provides a detailed highlight of her life as well as work. The bibliography talks of her unhappy childhood, engagement and marriage to Franklin Roosevelt, as well as her service as a United States First Lady. This bibliography is very brief and does not provide a complete analysis of the controversy that surrounded her as well as her impact in the White House and the world in her 12 years in the administration. This website further provides link to Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library in which people can get more information on Eleanor Roosevelt.

National Coordinating Committee (1998). Eleanor Roosevelt. Retrieved from

This is an insight into Eleanor Roosevelt work on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was her major accomplishment. It shows that, although Eleanor Roosevelt had not studied international law, her contribution to the success of the Commission on Human Rights as its chairperson was based on her kindness and conviction in the preservation of the worth and dignity of humans. The article provides further links to site that detail Mrs. Roosevelt involvement in the making of the Declaration Human Rights.

The Eleanor Roosevelt paper project, (n.d). Retrieved from

This is an Eleanor's Roosevelt website. It has essay writings, quotation from articles, radio and television speeches by Eleanor Roosevelt's on issues pertaining to democracy and also human rights. It is a site published by the George Washington University.

Lazer, a. (2000). Eleanor: Her Secret Journey. Retrieved from

This article is a critic's summary of a stage play written by writer Rhoda Lerman, adapted from a novel she wrote in 1979 on Eleanor Roosevelt. The play focuses on the life of Eleanor Roosevelt after World War 1 while avoiding the politics surrounding her. The play acted by actor Jean Stapleton depicts the caring, humane, independent and outspoken character of Eleanor Roosevelt and the events that shaped her character.

The critic laments on the quality of the script and of the acting by the lead performer terming them as uneven and the whole play as a low budget production.

Pillai, M (n.d). Accomplishments of Eleanor Roosevelt. Retrieved from

This article is a brief biography of Mrs. Roosevelt life focusing mainly on her achievements as a social worker. It gives a brief detail of Eleanor Roosevelt parents, schooling and various issues she advocated for.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Leadership

On leadership and management Eleanor Roosevelt excelled since her leadership can best be described as authentic. Authentic leadership is described by Avolio and Gardner (2005) to include the ability to impart positive influence on others while being self-aware. Self-awareness is never the destination point but is an emerging processes that involves the continuous understanding of one's unique strengths, core values, desires and beliefs. Roosevelt believed that women have a rather peculiar leadership style as compared to men. She stated that

"Women, whether subtly or vociferously, have always been a tremendous power in the destiny of the world" (Gerber, 2002).

This was in tandem with what Mohr and Wolfram (2008) said that the way male and female leaders do realize positive results are different but the they are both effective in their the attainment of their goals.

In most literature, Roosevelt was viewed as being introverted and shy. She had great fera of public speaking. During the time of her husband's campaign for vice presidency, her advice was often sought as well as her commentary on his various speeches. Franklin was aware that she had an uncanny sense.

Roosevelt and leadership

Eleanor Roosevelt was a great leader. Her philosophy of leadership has great influence on today leadership. She once stated that leadership is effective only when one sticks to the organization's mission (Gerber, 2002, p. 130). Leadership is the key the success of all organizations. The leadership must therefore be committed to the organization's mission while being able to motivate the employees through direct and indirect means. Her efforts enable her husband to become president. She made a lot of efforts to draw the women to go vote for her husband against the incumbent president Herbert Hoover.

Management and shared leadership

Eleanor Roosevelt made a great effort to show how team management coupled with shared leadership can effectively drive an organization to success. The work of Carson, Tesluck, and Marrone (2007) pointed out three contributions of team management and shared leadership. One of the components is network-based dealings which entails the valuing of one's contacts. She pointed out the importance of social and corporate networking and encouraged people to be on the lookout for new networking opportunities (Gerber, 2002, p. 225). She pointed out the fact that networking increases productivity as well as helps 'in the fair distribution of the existing resources. As an example, it is worth pointing out how here networking skills helped her politically especially after her husband died. Her initial interest in both politic and networking was when she became a member of the League of Women Voters, an organization in which she rose to be a leader. While in the League of Women Voters, she improved her leadership skills. When it comes to power plays, she encouraged middle managers to place a lot of focus on their strengths, talents and abilities while maintaining their knack for risk taking. Her tenacity saw her become the very first woman delegate at the UN.


Eleanor Roosevelt had several traits. She was open to experience, agreeable, conscientious and neurotic (Mayer, 2007). She was very agreeable and altruistic. Her altruism can be traced back to the time when she was serving the Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate. This continued to the time when she was aged. Her agreeableness could be seen even in her olden days when she still had a lot of desire to be a servant to others. At an old age, Eleanor Roosevelt still managed to champion for the right of citizens. She championed for the rights of women while still being able to work at the UN for the human rights (Nabli, 2006). Her straightforwardness earned her great affection worldwide and she was one of the most admired women in the world (Williams, 2005). She exuded self-discipline and was very goal-oriented. This can be seen when she fought hard to see the Universal Declaration of Independence, her greatest achievement passed at the UN despite resistance from other ambassadors (Nabli, 2006).

Eleanor Roosevelt was very intelligent. In fact one of her favorite quotes… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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