Research Paper: Election the Results

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[. . .] It is important to cultivate strong ties with Israel. However, the policies of Netanyahu are no longer healthy. A more balanced approach is needed, in order to secure the future of Israel. The health of the Middle East depends on a balanced solution to the Palestinian crisis.

Issue 3

The United States is comprised almost entirely by outsiders and immigrants. It is completely unfair to demonize immigrants coming from Central America. These are people who come to the United States temporarily for low-wage work. Their jobs are not jobs that Americans would do anyway. The economy depends on low-wage immigrant labor. Legitimizing the low-wage jobs so that the immigrants are no longer "illegal aliens" would entail changing the visa system, or liberalizing the border. An important part of the immigration issue is what to do about immigrants who had a temporary work visa and overstayed it. Some of the people who overstay their visas have families in the United States. In these cases, humanitarian values should override any deportation. It is unfair to tear apart families. The attitude toward immigrants needs to change, to recognize that immigrants are integral to the social, cultural, and economic fabric of the country.

Part Four

The Gallup Poll reveals that Obama's approval rating as of Nov 3-5 is at 52%. The results of the polls are from daily telephone interviews. 1500 interviews are conducted daily. The President's disapproval rate is 44%. Between November 1-4, 49% of registered voters who were polled said they preferred President Obama. 46% of registered voters said they would prefer Romney, during the same period. Among likely voters, those numbers are different. Among likely voters, only 48% prefer Obama, and 49% prefer Romney. Gallup notes its margin of error as ±3. The reason for the difference is clear: Republicans have better mobilized their base to vote than democrats have done. Gallup also claims that voter turnout will be lower this year than it was in 2008. Gallup also claims, "Seven in 10 voters say the outcome of this year's presidential election matters to them more than in previous years, similar to voter attitudes in 2008 and 2004," (Gallup).

The Rasmussen Reports show that Mitt Romney has 49% of the voters' support. President Obama has 48% of the voters' support. In the same poll, 2% of voters actively preferred a third candidate. The Rasmussen Report also breaks down the polls by the issue. "When it comes to the economy, 50% trust Romney more, while 47% have more confidence in the president," (Rasmussen Reports). Rasmussen uses an automated telephone mechanism for its polling. A margin of error is not reported on the Rasmussen Web site.

The Pew Research Center conducts polls by live telephone interview. As of election day, it has Obama at 50% and Romney at 47% among undecided voters, and at 48% for Obama to 45% for Romney among likely voters. Margins of error vary depending on the poll. For the total number of polls, ±1.8 is the margin of error. Among registered voters, the margin of error was ±2. Among likely voters, the margin of error was ±2.2.

Part Five

1. I predict that President Barack Obama will win the popular vote by 50.5%. It will be a narrow win, but it will be a win. This is similar to 2008. This prediction is made based on two reasons. First, Obama scored a slim popular vote margin in the 2008 election and as long as the turnout is roughly the same proportionally, he will receive a similar amount of votes. Second, the polls are tight. The popular vote sometimes veers to Romney's side, but in the end, Obama will cinch it. My prediction also corresponds with the Pew Research Center estimates.

2. I predict that President Barack Obama will win the electoral college by 299, with 239 for Romney. The President might lose a few states that he had in 2008, when he was a fresh candidate. As incumbent, the momentum is a double-edged sword. He remains the "safe" choice for those who are slightly dissatisfied, but do not like Romney. However, enough Americans have become upset that they are willing to vote for Romney. In the end, Obama will win decisively.

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