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Most stars have masses between 0.3 to 3.0 times the mass of the Sun.

8. Stars begin to die when they run out of hydrogen. High mass stars, although containing more hydrogen, have a shorter life span than low mass stars. This is because high mass stars have the required conditions in their core (higher pressures and temperatures) for quicker conversion of hydrogen atoms into helium.

9. As the Sun runs out of its hydrogen (an estimated 7 billion years from now) it will balloon into a red giant star engulfing its nearest planet Mercury; will begin to collapse, eventually becoming a small, dense, cool star called a "white dwarf." Much before dying of cold, life on earth would perish from heat as the Sun would be 2000 times brighter than at present at the time it runs out of hydrogen.

10. Low mass (and medium mass) stars eventually become "white dwarfs" when they die. High mass stars explode in supernovae events when they cease to generate fusion energy in its core and collapse inward. The Sun will eventually become a white dwarf as it is categorized as a low mass star.

11. The Solar System, containing the Sun, its nine planets, their moons, asteroids and comets is a small part of the Milky Way Galaxy

located in its outer region known as the Onion Arm. The Galaxy is spiral shaped and about 100,000 light years across while the Solar system is much smaller. The age of the Milky Way is 15 billion years compared with 4.5 billion years of the Solar System.

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15. Most planets around other stars have so far have been detected by using Doppler Spectroscopy that relies on the periodic velocity shift of the stellar spectrum caused by an orbiting giant planet. A few have also been found due to brightness variations, i.e., if a planet passes in between its parent star and the observer, the light from the parent star dips slightly.

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