Elements of Change on How to Quit Smoking Essay

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Change Theory (Trans-Theoretical Model)

Trans-theoretical Model represents an effective approach of intervention towards enhancement of quality health condition and change in behavior. It represents an integrative model vital for the change in unwanted behavior thus promoting quality interactions and health conditions of the individuals in the context. The aim of the model is to understand the modification of the problem behavior or acquisition of the positive form of behavior by relevant individuals. The main, effective nature of the model depends on the efficient application of the stages of change.

Trans-theoretical Model involves the evaluation of the independent variables, change processes, and results measurements such as decisional balance and scale vital for the estimation of temptation. Trans-theoretical Model represents an element of intentional change that focuses on the decision-making by an individual. Trans-theoretical Model also focuses on emotions, behavior, and cognitions. This model depends on the report by the individual determined to change towards the adoption of positive behavior. Trans-theoretical Model adopts and implements crucial stages of change vital for the change in behavior, in situations such as smoking (Aveyard et al., 2008).

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TOPIC: Essay on Elements of Change on How to Quit Smoking Assignment

In the development of a change plan for the 30-year-old female nursing student who has been smoking for at least 10 years in the process consuming about 5 to 6 cigarettes a day, there are individual situational factors to consider. One of the situational factors in the development of the change plan is stress levels. Most individuals smoke because of the need to minimize stressful activities in their life experiences. It is likely that the female student is suffering form stress thus the need to smoke on a daily basis. The second situational factor that might contribute towards the smoking behavior in the student is social influence or peer pressure. Smoking is a vital tool towards the development and maintenance of friendship. This makes it critical for the student to adopt as a bonding technique within the society and the social institution. It would also be necessary to consider the cultural background of the student thus an opportunity to study the smoking trend within the context of the female nursing student. The development of the plan should also consider the influences, demographics, and age of the student with the aim of enhancing behavior towards adoption of the positive living condition.

Step-by-Step on how to Quit Smoking


During this initial stage of the implementation of the plan, the individual has no idea on the behavior change. This indicates that the person is unaware of the needs for the adoption of the positive behavior within the society. The first stage represents the denial of the student or the smoker because of unawareness on the need to change behavior. The individual, at this stage might not have thought on the idea to change his or her behavior in relation to smoking. This indicates lack of consideration of the effects that might arise because of smoking. During the first stage of the plan, there are no motivation elements because of the denial by the individual (Aveyard et al., 2008).


During this stage, the individual starts to evaluate the smoking habit by understanding the pros and cons of the behavior. This stage also reflects the attempts by the individual to conduct quality research practices on how to change behavior that relates to smoking. This involves examination of books and articles relating to quality quitting techniques. This is an indication that the individual considers the essence of changing the behavior in question because of critical analysis of the pros and cons. Most of the smokers are in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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