Essay: Eliza - My Name

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Eliza - My Name

My name is "Eliza," and just like Liza Minnelli, that's Eliza with a "Z." I love my name, even though all through my life people have mispronounced it, told me it should be spelled with an "S," and said it reminds them of Eliza Doolittle, the character in "My Fair Lady." I don't care, my name makes me feel more than a single mom and student, it makes me feel special and unique, somehow. I love the sound of that Z. As it rolls off my tongue, and how confused people get when it's not spelled with an S. Older Hispanics always think that, and I have to correct them. Don't you hate it when people just "assume" they know your name, when they really have no idea? I do, and when people call me Elisa or even Elizabeth, I have to correct them, and fast, because it grates on me like fingernails running over a chalkboard. My name is the epitome of who I am, and it should be right!

A love my name too, because it came from my father. Did you know it means, "God is my oath?" I… [END OF PREVIEW]

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