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Elizabeth I

Research and Review Fives Articles on Elizabeth I

To fully understand the life of Elizabeth I requires: examining her role as a leader and head of state. The means that research that was conducted is looking at five different articles that discussed Elizabeth's overall influences on a host of events. The first one was written by Pillai (2010), which provides an overall timeline of the life of Elizabeth I. As she would go from being born into a life of privilege, to being denounced from her legitimate right to rule. This is because a series of the different power struggles would occur that would lead to her reign through: an indirect route. As the shifting loyalties and various revolutions, helped to create a situation where she was in the right place at the right time. Once she was in power, she would reestablish the authority of the crown and consolidated control. This would have an impact on England, by helping to make the country more stable and growing world power that was starting to exert its influence. This information is useful, because it provides a basic background of the overall challenges Elizabeth would have to endure and the impact that it would have on England. Where, her reign would set the stage for the emergence of the British Empire. (Pillai, 2010)Download full
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Elizabeth I Assignment

The second article that was written by Vanhoutte (2007) discusses the life of Elizabeth I, by looking at three different aspects of her life. To include: the challenges that she faced in her rise to power, the activities in the court and her legacy. The rise to power is where the author discusses how the death of Mary the Queen of Scots would have an impact upon how quickly she ascended to the throne. As this would help her to rise, at the expense of her family members (who were unable to consolidate their gains). The activities in the court, discusses how Elizabeth wanted Anglican musicians who could: entertain and they shared the same kind of religious ideals as the queen. The legacy of Elizabeth I is when the author is examining, how England ascended to power, as her activities would allow them to: circumnavigate the globe and develop a formidable navy. This information is important, because it provides specifics about how her leadership would have an impact upon ordinary people. As her rule, would signify and end to various civil wars. At which point, England would become a dominate world power. (Vanhoutte, 2007)

The third article that was written by Gustafasson (1999), talks about the early life of Elizabeth. As she was an heir to the throne, while her closest relatives ruled and were deposed. This would have an impact of Elizabeth, by going from: periods of unfavorably to one that ascended her to the crown. This is important, because this information is providing more specifics about her past life. (Gustafasson, 1999)

The fourth article that was written by McLaren (2002), discusses how the accession of Elizabeth would have an impact on the relations between: Scotland and England. Where, this is setting the stage for the two countries to become friendlier towards one another. This is important, because this information provides insights, as to how Elizabeth was uniting the feuding parts of nation under one ruler. In many ways, one could argue that this helped contribute to an increase in: power and prominence for England going forward. (McLaren, 2002)

The fifth article that is titled Queen Elizabeth I of England (2005), talks about how her rule would signify a transition that was taking place in the country. As the decades of bloodshed would end and England began to experience a revival. Where, there would be a number of positive changes including: a variety of plays / artistic works, significant military conquests and her expansion of the democratic powers in Parliament. These elements are important, because they are highlighting how Elizabeth is arguably one of England's greatest leaders. As she would serve as a way of uniting the country, while helping to expand its: overall power and influence around the world. In many ways, one could argue that Elizabeth's rule would signify an international focus that England would take in the future. ("Queen Elizabeth I of England," 2005)

What all of these different sources are showing, is that Elizabeth would have to endure a number of challenges in her ascent to the throne. As they would shape the kind of leader that she would become in the future. As a result, this information can be used to highlight how these events would have an impact on the policies that were implemented. Therefore, the combination of the different articles is: providing a good background in the life of Elizabeth I.

Research and Review Five Websites on Elizabeth I

In addition to various articles on the queen, are numerous websites that are highlighting, the overall impact that her rule would have on England. The first webpage that was written by Briscoe (2011) discusses the overall impact that Elizabeth would have on the country. As a number of different achievements would occur including: various naval successes (i.e. Sir Francis Drake), the economy would improve dramatically, various forms of art / literature was produced and new trends were created (based upon the style of Elizabeth). These different elements are important, because they are showing how Elizabeth served as a way of bringing the nation together. At which point, a number of positive developments would take place that would have an impact upon England's future. (Briscoe, 2011)

The second webpage titled Elizabeth I (2011), talks about how her reign would signify the end of the Tudor dynasty. As she was a way for the country, to transition itself into: a major economic and military power. A good example of this is with the defeat of the Spanish fleet. At which point, England would become the most dominate naval power in the world. This is important, because the information from this source helps to provide a number of different insights; about the overall scope of the impact that Elizabeth would have on England. ("Elizabeth I," 2011)

The third webpage titled Elizabeth I (n.d.) discusses the life of the queen. As she was the daughter of Henry VII and was highly educated (thanks in part to the influence of her mother). Once she was in power, everything would change with her having an impact on the country's foreign policy. A good example of this can be seen with her ability to make peace with: the French and to unite the nation behind the protestants. These elements are important, because they are transforming England into a major power, by creating the conditions that were necessary for this to take place (stability). ("Elizabeth I," n.d.)

The fourth webpage titled Elizabeth I (n.d.), talks about the life of Elizabeth in detail. As she was highly educated, by being fluent in six different languages, while understanding how to: use politics and use her connections. This would help her to gain and hold power, as she would use: intellect and finesse to unite the country behind her authority. Evidence of this can be seen with how she would use marriage (or it potential) as a way to create various alliances with political allies. This is because Elizabeth had seen the impact that civil wars would have: on England's finances and it economic impact. These different developments are important, because they showing how Elizabeth was able use the skills that she learned to be able to understand how to effectively lead the country going forward. At which point, England would be able to find the kind of leader that could help the country to overcome its differences. The information from this source is useful, because it shows how Elizabeth's education and life experiences would shape the kind of leader she would become. ("Elizabeth I," n.d)

The fifth webpage titled Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I (2006), talks about the how she would ascend to the thrown at time when England was at its weakest. This is because the civil war would have a devastating toll on the country: economically and militarily. While, it would feel constant pressure from: the great powers of France and Spain. At the same time, she was third queen to rule the country, with her two predecessors having devastating consequences. This is important, because it is showing the overall backdrop of England when Elizabeth assumed power. Where, she was not very popular and was considered to be very young (for someone with such great responsibilities). This information is useful, because it shows the severity of the issues that she had to wrestle with, when she ascended to the throne. As her past experiences would shape the kind of leader she would become in the future. ("Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I," 2006)

These different sources are helping to corroborate the information from the previous articles that were examined. As it is confirming, how various events would shape the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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