Elvis Presley Concert Review Essay

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Elvis Presley Concert

The "King" was on stage for myriad concerts in his career, and for fans in the audience who had that chance to see him, their memories remain vivid and alive. That's because Elvis was indeed a remarkable showman as well as having a distinctly unique and powerful voice. He was never nominated for an Academy Award for his acting, but his fans didn't care at all; they bought up all available tickets to his concerts, and showed up en masse at his movies as well. This paper reviews and critiques a concert Elvis did in 1973, called "Aloha From Hawaii: January 14, 1973.

The video on YouTube begins with a black screen with the music from the soundtrack from the movie "2001 Space Odyssey" -- a very dramatic few moments for fans in the seats as their hero is about to make an appearance on stage. The audience is clearly restless and it seems the "Space Odyssey" is just a tease to keep them waiting.

When Elvis appears on stage, looking very young, tanned and handsome in his white suit, he walks around in the spotlight, smiling, looking the crowd over, and after a few moments, one of his band members gives him his guitar. With that, he launches into "C-C-Ryder," not one of his greatest hits, but he stands at the microphone and sings it out clear and strong, using "what'd I say" between stanzas. His eyes open and shut during his songs. He raises his guitar up in the air and comes down emphatically to indicate that the band should cut music the second he does.

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Elvis sings "Burning Love," with his legs spread in a kind of stance that gives him power and authority in front of the stadium crowd (as if he needs any more authority). He looks directly into the camera during this song and seems to wink. He only plays his guitar occasionally, but uses it effectively as a prop. Elvis's voice is strong, clear, and he enunciates the words with precision. He makes the songs sound just like they are on the record.

TOPIC: Essay on Elvis Presley Concert Review Assignment

Before launching into the next song, the Beatles' "Something," Elvis says he hopes the crowd enjoys the show, and is given a lei from a girl in the front row. In this song, Elvis clips the phrasing short, to add his own style to a very familiar song. His version of the gospel-themed song "You Gave Me a Mountain" gives him his first chance in the show to hit high notes with that distinctive baritone voice. His version of James Taylor's song ("Steamroller Blues") gives him a chance to let his lead guitar player step up and take center stage for a few moments. Then Elvis booms out his powerful voice on the high notes again, and he's now wearing a yellow lei, as opposed to the red ones he was wearing earlier.

By the time he does Sinatra's "My Way," his jacket is unbuttoned, he is perspiring down the side of his hear, and his face is intense as though he is truly living the lyrics. Certainly Elvis did things his way, and apparently from this show, if he was using drugs, it didn't hinder the quality of his presentation. At the end his voice rises high.

His medley begins with "Treat me Nice," and has some interaction with females in the audience. It wasn't much of a medley as he only went to "Love Me" as a second song. "Johnnie B. Good" gives the guitar players another spotlight for a few moments. During his version of "It's Over" he was sweating profusely and closing his eyes more often than in previous songs.

During "Blue Suede Shoes" the cameraperson has the annoying habit (perhaps this was a popular strategy in the 1970s) of showing quick flashes of Elvis from one position and then quickly flash to another off-angle position. When Elvis sings "I'm so Lonesome I Could die" he says it was the saddest song he had ever heard. His head shakes a little bit and he actually looks a little wobbly as he begins the song, wiping his sweaty face with the yellow lei.

"I Can't Stop Loving You" again allows Elvis to boom out his powerful high notes at the end of the song. He now is wearing a different lei as he launches into a very fast and very short version of "Hound… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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