Emergence of the Discipline and the Philosophy of Nursing Research Proposal

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Nursing Philosophy

Emerging and Developing Philosophies of Nursing

The formalization and solidification of nursing as a scientific and scholarly discipline is certainly one of the most important concepts in the development of nursing practice. Nursing in the form known today would be impossible without this now-obvious-seeming innovation of Florence Nightingale's, who was the first to design and insist on a formalized plan of study and practice in the field of nursing (Chinn & Kramer 2004, pp. 3). Without this development in the nineteenth century, not only would nursing have remained largely a second-class discipline in the field of medicine (though some would argue that it is still treated and viewed as such by many today), but little of the prigress that has been made in te field in the modern age could have been accomplished. The formalization of nursing allowed for inquiry and investigation on a scientific basis, allowing for new discoveries and decisions to be made.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Proposal on Emergence of the Discipline and the Philosophy of Nursing Assignment

Tat being said, one of the most essential recent developments in the formalized discipline of nursing has been the recognition by many scholars of the integrated nature of nursing (Dobson et al. 2009). Rather than approaching nursing with a singular perspective and/or attempting to define rigid boundaries in the study and practice of nursing, much modern scholarship has focused on he many different areas of study that influence and impact the practice of nursing. Concepts from other disciplines both within the medical community and in the scientific community at large have become essential to the modern understanding and practice of nursing, and the recognition and fostering of this integration has been hugely important in the development of nursing (Dobson et al. 2009). This development is arguably as important as the initial formalization of nursing, as it… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Emergence of the Discipline and Philosophy of Nursing Research Proposal

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