Emergency Centers, I Expect Thesis

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The quantitative aspect will enable us to assess whether this data can be validly and reliably exported to other states and nations and perhaps, to related situations.

Ethical issues given research design and sample and Steps I will take to overcome them.

Surveys generally hold a host of vulnerable and Ethical issues, but in this context, since we are dealing with patients from the trauma centers that have experienced emergencies, ethical issues are bound to be reinforced in that we are evoking unpleasant and possibly traumatic memories from survivors of unpleasant events.

First and foremost, therefore, I will discuss my study with an IRB institution so that all ethical concerns that I may overlook will be filtered out and adequately addressed.

I will solicit permission from survivors ahead of time to complete the survey, telling them explicitly the purpose and characteristics of the survey. They will also be categorically informed that they can choose to exempt themselves from the survey and that, if they wish to, they can withdraw whenever they so wish.

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I will also be careful in the way that I formulate the questions, making sure to do so in as sensitive a manner as possible. To that end, I will request people who are familiar with some of the survivors and/or individuals involved in social work related to emergency situations to review the items on my survey ahead of time so that I can modify if necessary.

Furthermore, I can do a pilot survey ahead of time on a small sample of, possibly, 4 or 5 individuals in order to test the response of these individuals to the survey. Any sign of discomfort or uneasiness with any of the questions will prompt me to review those specific questions that caused the discomfort.

Dissertation or Thesis complete on Emergency Centers, I Expect to Assignment

Instructions for completing study will be articulated, as, too, the risks and benefits of participating in the study, and means of contacting the researcher with questions regarding the study. The researcher will also guarantee that all records in this study will remain confidential and that only the researcher will have access to those records.

I will, simultaneously, investigate whether questions and objective are understood (since closed-ended items have particular problems (Breakwell et al., 2007). These strategies will also serve to protect researcher from injecting implicit value judgments in questions, leading questions, context effects and so forth. (Questions will be assessed beforehand by two objective individuals).

Since people like to present themselves in a positive light when filling in surveys, I will stress the need for honest response and situation of anonymity asking participants to provide pseudonym or code rather than provide their actual name. Finally, I will also refer participants to call-in counseling centers and other centers that can help them were the study to impact them in any negative manner.


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