Emergency Communications Considering Different Roles Essay

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The same is equally true with respect to establishing appropriate formats for conveying information to employees except that the specific personnel selected for this purpose will be technical experts capable of responding directly to technical questions without adding to frustration or anger by having to defer and promise to provide answers, such as where public relations personnel are tasked with informing employees.

Communication Intended for Families

Dear Family Members:

As you undoubtedly already know, we have suffered a mine collapse at one of our mining facilities. We are currently marshalling every conceivable effort available to us to execute successful rescue procedures and we are confident that we will be able to reach all of our employees who are currently unaccounted for.

Certainly, this is a dangerous situation and we cannot, in good faith, misrepresent the potential seriousness of this event. However, please understand that our mines are all constructed very purposefully with the potential dangers of this sort fully in mind. All of our mines are built with well-designed internal emergency compartments capable of protecting our miners from even very significant mine collapses. Part of our mine design and emergency planning include very specific requirements for how many of these emergency compartments are available and how far from the nearest compartment that our miners are allowed to work. Likewise, all of our miners are extensively trained and well prepared to protect themselves and one another in any emergency.

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We are sparing absolutely no expense in gaining access to our miners as soon as possible and we have alerted local, state, and federal authorities and requested all of the assistance that can possibly be available to us. Please understand that we understand your tremendous concern and that we have established family-only information centers where you can obtain the most up-to-date information about this situation. We will be in contact very shortly to arrange transportation and to provide any assistance that we can to our families during this emergency.

Essay on Emergency Communications Considering Different Roles Assignment

Communication Intended for Internal News Release to Employees

To All Employees:

As all of you already know, we have suffered a mine collapse. We are confident that the emergency compartments in the mine and all of the emergency and safety training that all of our employees receive will be instrumental in allowing our miners to survive this dangerous situation. Right now, our most important efforts are being directed to devising the technical means to rescue our miners from their emergency compartments approximately half a mile deep. We have alerted local, state, and federal authorities and requested the maximal assistance available in terms of technical advisers and emergency equipment.

While we must, of course, acknowledge the tremendous dangers and risks posed to our miners in such a catastrophe, we cannot stress enough that we will spare no effort and no expense in rescuing every miner who is currently unaccounted for as soon as humanly possible. We are currently evaluating the stability of the site and determining the best and safest way to establish contact with all of our miners trapped in the collapsed mine. We are simultaneously arranging to supply oxygen, water, food, communications equipment, and medical supplies as soon as they can possibly be lowered to our miners.

This is, without a doubt, a tremendously stressful time for all of us involved. We all understand that ours is a dangerous profession but we are confident that our organization has mitigated the dangers and risks that we all must live with on a daily basis as much as possible. We welcome your technical input and we will make sure to keep all of you up-to-date by communicating everything we know as soon as we know it. All of our prayers are with your coworkers and with you.

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