Emergency Management Disaster Planning. Unesco Article Review

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Disaster planning issues

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As stated a disaster plan comprises of four phases the first phase is prevention which comprises of the identification and minimization of risks which can be posed within a building, fitting, equipment as well as the natural hazards that are found in natural hazards of an area. There can be inspection of buildings as well as alter factors that are potentially hazardous. It also involves the establishment of routine maintenance measures that will enable the building to withstand disaster. Installation of automatic detectors incase of fires .The next phase is the preparedness phase involves getting ready to cope with the disaster incase it actually happens. A written plan on preparedness, response and recovery should be in place, functioning and up-to -- date there should also be training of an in-house response steam for disasters. There should be documentation of building, inventory, names and contacts of response teams, disaster control services and so on. The plan should be distributed to all locations considered appropriate. Response is another phase of the disaster plan. Incase disaster actually strikes there should be set procedures to be followed. These include following emergency procedures in place for raising an alarm, personnel evacuation and ensuring the disaster site Is safe. The leader of the disaster response team should be contacted to brief and give direction to salvage personnel. Stabilizing the environment is important to ensure that no further damage occurs. There should be procedures in place that will ensure that appropriate people are alerted and are assembled quickly in case of disaster occurrence (Community Service Center, 2012).

Application of article

The article is very important as it talks about the causes of disaster and how disaster can be managed. The course is quite applicable as it clearly gives pointers on the phases of a disaster plan. The information from the article is in line with the course materials. The author could have expanded on the main point through giving detailed explanation instead of just pointing out key words.

Aspects of recovery

Article Review on Emergency Management Disaster Planning. Unesco. Assignment

Also part of the disaster plan is the recovery phase. This involves the getting back to normal state after the disaster has occurred. It entails the establishment of programs to be used in restoring the site and damaged materials into conditions that are stable and usable. Establishment of priorities when it comes to restoration work to be done is also important. A phase conservation program should be in place .item that are not worth being retained are discarded and replaced. The disaster site is then cleaned and rehabilitated and insurers contacted so that they can replace what has been damaged.


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