Emergency Management: Do's and Don'ts of the Recovery Process Essay

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Phases of Disaster Management

Prevention-Mitigation: prevention encompasses all actions taken to reduce the likelihood that an unfavorable event will occur, whereas mitigation covers those actions aimed at reducing the extent of damage or loss resulting from the unlikely occurrence of a disaster (Cornell University, 2014). Fitting fire extinguishers into a building is an example of an action of mitigation; avoiding flood-prone areas during the rainy season qualifies as a prevention measure.

Preparedness: this incorporates all procedures and plans to minimize damage and save lives when a disaster occurs - by ensuring that emergency personnel are, for instance, properly-trained to offer the most adequate response.

Response: this phase covers all the activities that address the direct, short-term effects of a disaster. Response activities include investigating the causes and existence of further threat, testing processes such as immunizations, quarantine and isolation, agricultural surveillance, apprehension of perpetrators, to name but a few.

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Recovery: this covers all activities geared at restoring the economic and social life of a community. Short-run recovery efforts include providing humanitarian aid in the form of clothing and food; and re-establishing such critical infrastructure as transportation, sewerage, water, and communication. Communication is the most important construct of management, disaster or otherwise; and it ought to be reestablished as soon as possible. Long-term efforts include advancing personal and business loan to victims, providing counseling facilities to trauma patients, environmental monitoring, and any other activity that seeks to restore the community to its pre-disaster economic level. Actions of recovery may sometimes overlap with those of response; there is no clear mark as to when exactly response ends, and recovery begins. What is evident, however, is that it may take years before normalcy returns.

What exactly do Individuals and Organizations need to do During the Recovery Phase?

Essay on Emergency Management: Do's and Don'ts of the Recovery Process Assignment

After a disaster, an evaluation ought to be conducted to determine what exactly the community needs, and how to go about providing the identified need(s). The needs that should be assessed first include shelter, food, water, and medical care, since these are the most immediate. Efforts to repair damaged infrastructure, especially communication systems, should begin immediately. The success of any process of recovery is dependent upon the affected community's readiness to respond and cooperate, which they cannot willingly do if they have no trust in the efforts, or if they are cut off from the rest of the world.

If needs assessment is not done properly, the most important details are likely to be forgotten. In the case of [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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