Emergency Management Evaluate the Cims Term Paper

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The Department prepared protocols with the NYPD for appointing an FDNY Chief Officer in a police helicopter to help manage bigger or intricate incidents. (FDNY Strategic Plan)

The Department has also done considerable growth in the direction of development of many important technological improvements led by a newly constituted Technology Oversight Committee -- TOC. The FDOC possesses the technological infrastructure to receive live video feeds not just from their NYPD helicopters, but also from their own satellite camera systems. The FDOC will deliver the commanders with the resources needed to promote improved situational awareness. The plan for the FDOC needs technological enhancements such as Video Conferencing, the capability for data analysis from wireless command boards in the field and a better Geographical Information System -- GIS. Major events of the type potentially facing the Department need the management of huge amount of information as regards installation of personnel and equipment. The response to the WTC attacks underlies how essential is becomes to manage resources and protect information recorded at a command post. (Written Statement of the FDNY before the National Institute of Standards and Technology)Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Emergency Management Evaluate the Cims Assignment

In order to keep going, the Department has been developing the Electronic Command board -- ECBs through which the Chiefs can communicate through remote at an incident and download important information in favor of the FDOC in real time. The capability to implement a deployment and tracking model in order to upgrade the Department's planning and response capacity. The Department has been researching several deployments and tracking and has obtained grant funds to buy ultra-modern, computer controlled unit-tracking and deployment model. This model will be using the dispatch data to maximize response to and coverage of daily functioning and large-scale operations. By means of integrating the computer analytical abilities with that of the real-time response data and identifying the availability of specialized manpower and apparatus resources will enhance to a great extent the security and safety of the emergency responders and also the public. (Written Statement of the FDNY before the National Institute of Standards and Technology)


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