Emergency Management Hazards in America One Natural Term Paper

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Emergency Management

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Term Paper on Emergency Management Hazards in America One Natural Assignment

One natural hazard especially prevalent in the U.S. this year is the hazard of wildfire. Fires have already taken their toll in California, Florida, and Georgia, and the chance of continued occurrence throughout the summer is extremely high, due to drought conditions throughout the country. The impact upon the population may seem negligible at first, as relatively few homes and buildings are lost per capita in most wildfires. However, if a wildfire occurs in a densely populated area, as the fire in the Oakland Hills in 1991, numerous lives and thousands of homes can be lost. The impact on the population is not only loss of life or property; it is loss of wildland and ecological habitats due to fire. The 2006 fires in Eastern Nevada destroyed thousands of acres of habitat for wild animals and livestock, and the impact to ranchers and the land was incalculable. The impact thus is measured by dollars lost, but also in long-term impact to the environment as it takes time for the wildlands to replenish themselves.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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