Emergency Management Essay

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In other words, it is the role of the recovery unit to compile data on the necessary cost reimbursements and to complete and file the "applications for cost reimbursement for personnel, materials, equipment, and damage arising from the incident" (Website of the Los Angeles Unified School District).

The adequate implementation of the four phases of emergency management within the Los Angeles Unified School District is nevertheless limited by the decreased access to financial resources. Out of all the four phases, the phase which is most sensitive to the financial constraints is represented by the recovery phases. Before the crisis, the people seldom think about risks and construct their lives in a highly protective manner, weakening the mitigation phase. Then, as an emergency situation unfolds, public and private institutions often allocate the necessary funds to ensuring immediate management of the crisis situation. Still, as the crisis has been managed and has passed, less emphasis is placed on long-term recovery.

The recovery phase is then characterized by a decreased allocation of resources, which in turn translates into a decreased ability of the district to avoid and fully recover from a crisis and to ensure its long-term stability. In such a setting then, an important issue to address is represented by the shortages at the levels of the recovery phase, and this could be improved through the request and allocation of more funds in the phase. It could as such be improved by more attention being placed on long-term recovery of the community through efforts such as counseling, but also infrastructural developments.


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2010, Emergency operations plan, Los Angeles Unified School District, http://notebook.lausd.net/pls/ptl/docs/PAGE/CA_LAUSD/LAUSDNET/OFFICES/SCHOOL_OPS/SCHOOL_OPERATIONS_DIVISION/EMERGENCY_SERVICES/EMERGENCY_SERVICES_EMERGENCY_OPERATIONS_CENTER/LAUSD%20EOP%202010%20UPDATE.PDF last accessed on August 23, 2012

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Website of the United States Department of Education, http://www2.ed.gov last accessed on August 23, 2012 [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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